Tips on how to choose a secure password

Make sure you choose a secure password and keep it secret!

When choosing your password, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Your password must have eight or more characters. The longer your password, the more secure it is.
  • Your password must include at least one letter (a-z, A-Z) and one other character (digit, special character).
  • The password may consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, digits and some ASCII characters (e. g. punctuation marks).
    Please note:
    Your password is case sensitive, i. e. it distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters. This means you have to enter your password in the exact way you indicated when you first registered or changed it.

You can use the following characters:

  • You must not use national special characters (e .g. äÄüÜöÖ, ß), a space or other problematic special characters (e. g. @).
  • The password must not be the same as your corresponding userID.
  • Pay attention to whether you are using an American keyboard, where Z and Y are switched, or whether the caps lock key has been activated.

Do not choose a password that can be easily guessed or be derived from your personal data. A password should not be a word you can find in a dictionary as some people use special computer programmes to try to crack passwords.

Use one of the following methods to create a secure and easy-to-remember password:

  • Use the first letter of each word from a sentence. The resulting password usually makes no sense and you just need to remember the sentence.
    (e. g. ‘The two of us take the dog along to a party!’ results in ‘T2outtdatp!’)
  • Choose a word at random and put digits and/or symbol characters between the letters.

Tips on how to protect your password

  • Do not share your password with anyone and do not write it down – memorise it.
  • Never use the same password for your u:account and for services not provided by the ZID of the University of Vienna.
  • After first choosing your password, change it at regular intervals.
  • If a computer you are using was affected by a virus, you should always change your password after having removed the virus – it is possible that the virus may have revealed your password to unknown others.
  • After you have changed your password it may take some time until your new password works for all ZID services.
  • Do not forget your password! If you do, however, please go to Forgot your password - what now?.

Changing your password

To change your u:account password, please use the following web screen:

Change u:account password

User ID locked

If your userID has been locked due to a hacking incident, please follow the same instructions as under "Forgot your password?"

Forgot your password?

As a student of the University of Vienna you can reset your password by yourself at any time. As a prerequisite to do so you have to register an emergency e-mail address and give your permission to its use.

1) Register and deregister an emergency e-mail address >>

2) Permission to the use of the emergency e-mail address >>

3) Reset u:account student password >>

Students and university employees:

Please use the Neues Passwort anfordern (German only) webmask.

Please note:

Passwords cannot be changed over the phone, as in that case the identity of the applicant cannot be verified with absolute certainty.

After successfully changing your password, you should reset it on the change password site.