Web space

Organisational units and subunits at the University of Vienna as well as projects, conferences, working groups or divisions can get a web space (data storage space) on the www.univie.ac.at web server. They can use this web server to store any datamostly websites – and make them available worldwide (on the Internet). The organisational units and subunits requesting the web space are responsible for the web space management and content

Changes to the web space service

In the near future the ZID will offer a new, modernised web space. It will contain the following features:

  • canned web applications that are easy and quick to install
  • personal account management
  • Access to log data
  • latest server packages selectable

The services central CMS - TYPO3, data base and online storage space are not part of these changes.


You do not know which ZID service you need for the website of your organisational unit? Visit website for organisational units to find out more.

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Form Requesting a web space

Managing web space

Requesting web space

Use the form Requesting a web space

To process your request, the ZID requires the following information. The details in the log-in box are partially prefilled.

  • Webmaster, first name and last name, UserID, e-mail address: Your personal details are automatically entered as webmaster details. You can change these details. The webmaster has to be an active employee of the organisational unit. You can also specify a person for technical enquiries, for example, if an external contractor is responsible for designing the website.
  • URL of the web space: Enter the desired URL. For further information, please go to websites for organisational units.
  • Web space UserID: Enter the desired UserID. No more than 8 characters. Please use lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation characters only. Most commonly, the UserID is an abbreviation of the organisational unit or project.
  • Web space password: The web space password is generated automatically and is sent to the webmaster via e-mail. S/he should then change the password using the form Changing password.
  • Short name: Catchy name of the organisational unit or project

The webmaster will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the web space is available.

Deleting web space

To delete web space, the registered primary webmaster has to send an e-mail to the ZID Helpdesk with the URL and the UserID of the web space. Make sure to inform us if you are running a domain or a sub domain on the web space.

Creating a website for an organisational unit

The web server of the University of Vienna offers the following tools and features to create a website for your organisational unit:

  • HTML: Markup language for creating web pages
  • PHP, CGI: Script languages for creating dynamic web pages
  • mod_speling: Corrects typing errors in the URL or file extension that users might have made (as of the second directory level).
  • Databases
  • Directory protection and extended directory protection: Configuration file .htaccess, e.g. to protect directories and files from unauthorised access
  • Web statistics: Information about web traffic on your website
  • SSL certificate: All websites on the web space have a valid certificate and are accessible via https://. 

Notes about the data storage space

The homepage has to be named index.html, index.htm or index.php and has to be located in the website folder /html/.

Deleting the website folder /html/ can affect the functionality of the website. Please contact the ZID Helpdesk if there is no shortcut to the website folder /html/ or if the shortcut does not work as desired.

You can find absolute paths (internal) in the user guide Verzeichnisschutz (directory protection) under htaccess.

If you require more than 2 GB of storage space or any special resources (such as special software or databases), please contact the ZID Helpdesk before requesting the web space.

Launching a website

To launch the website on the Internet via the web server of the University of Vienna, you have to transfer the files of the website to the web space. You have the following options to transfer the files:

Embed the web space as a network drive

Server name (host): \\upload.univie.ac.at\Web space UserID
User details: Web space UserID and password

Use the user guides in online storage space.

If you are not in the range of the University of Vienna’s data network, you require a VPN connection to access the web space.

Save the files for your organisational unit's website in the html folder, to publish them on the internet.

Accessing the web space via locally installed software

Transfer log: SSH, SCP, SFTP
Server name (host): upload.univie.ac.at
User details: Web space UserID and password

Use the user guides in online storage space.

Save the files for your organisational unit's website in the html folder, to publish them on the internet.

Web page addresses

As soon as you have transferred the data, the website goes online immediately and is accessible under the following address:

https://webaddress.univie.ac.at – for example: https://pugilistik.univie.ac.at

For further information about possible URL formats, please see under website for organisational units.

Terms of use

Use regulations

You have to comply with the u:account regulations for use (PDF) as well as the WWW guidelines (PDF, in German) when you launch a website on the University of Vienna’s servers. Please read these documents carefully and act accordingly.

Disclosure obligation pursuant to sec. 25 of the Austrian Mediengesetz (media act, imprint)

Please note that the amendment to the Media Act 2005, which came into force on 1 July 2005, includes legal changes for website operators/owners. As a result, the disclosure obligation pursuant to sec. 25 of the media act applies to websites.

In accordance with this provision, all website operators are obligated to provide the following information on their websites where they are easily and directly retrievable at any time:

  • name of operator (in case of companies, the company name); and
  • address (in case of companies, registered office and object of the company).

For further information about the amendment to the media act, please visit the website Internet4Jurists.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We recommend embedding the link to the Privacy Policy for websites of the University of Vienna in your website.