Employees of the University of Vienna have several options for designing websites for themselves or for business purposes and publishing them on the internet.

Personal website

Every employee of the University of Vienna can create 1 personal website.

There are 2 free options for designing and editing personal websites for employees of the University of Vienna:

  • Webspace with installed software
  • Empty webspace


If you want to publish text, images and other files on the internet but don't need any additional functionality, the ZID recommends using a webspace with the WordPress content management system installed.

The web address always has the following format:


The content that you display on the website must relate to personal information in the context of university work (professional tasks, research areas, studies, publications and the like). In particular, please note that the logo of the University of Vienna may only be used if the content on your personal website actually relates to your work at the University of Vienna.

You can add your personal website to your entry in the staff directory in u:find. To do this, use the Edit my entry function in u:space.

Website for business purposes

Business purposes are, for example:

  • Official website of an organisational unit or sub unit
  • Website for an event, a project or a workgroup
  • Website for a technical application

There are 3 free options for creating and editing a website for business purposes:

  • TYPO3, the content management system of the University of Vienna
  • Webspace with installed software
  • Empty webspace


The ZID recommends organizations and projects the use of TYPO3, as it has many advantages.

The domain automatically receives an SSL certificate, unencrypted views are forwarded to https://.

Web address

The web address ends with You can choose what is in front of it. Example:

Please note the freely selectable components:

  • They should be meaningful. Example: fantasyname instead of fn
  • The length must be between 8 and 64 characters.
  • Avoid long URLs. Example: better use fantasyname instead of institute-of-general-and-experimental-fantasystudies
  • Only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed (a-z, 0-9, -).
  • No proper names of employees, not even in parts or combinations (exception: research objects)

Subject to a charge: Domain registration

Upon request, the ZID will register any domain name for organisational units and sub units. Example:

The domain registration is subject to a charge.

Services for such domains (TYPO3, webspace, e-mail etc.) are only provided by the ZID if the domain is managed administratively and technically by the ZID. In this case, the domain automatically receives an SSL certificate.

You can find more information in domain registration.