Central backup

Employees of the University of Vienna can use the backup service to save data from their computer on the University of Vienna’s servers. This is particularly relevant for data that are not automatically saved as part of other ZID services. Many ZID services, such as Share, the online storage space or personal website, create backups by default.

Requesting a central backup

Use the form Requesting central backup


  • You are currently employed with the University of Vienna.
  • The computer has a registered IP address in the University of Vienna’s network. Please contact the IT representative at your organisational unit.

The user guide Hinweise zur Anmeldung (notes for registration, in German) outlines how to find the details needed for the registration.

Using the backup

You require a locally installed software (client) to use the backup service. The software is available for all standard operating systems. For further information about downloading, installing and configuring the software, please see under user guides.

The software enables you to

  • specify in detail which areas on your computer should be saved in a backup
  • save data on a regular basis
  • archive data for long-term storage
  • recover data from the backup or the archive
  • view a list of all saved data and directories.

For more information, please see under Tips and recommendations.

Saving data regularly

During the initial backup run, all data in the specified area will be saved. During the following backups, only files and directories that you added or that changed since the last backup will be saved.

Save your data at least once a week or more often. If you do not run a backup in more than 6 months, the saved data from your computer will be deleted from the system.

The system will keep no more than 5 versions of each file. As soon as this number is exceeded, the oldest version will be deleted.

If you delete a file on your computer, the most recent version will be saved in the backup system for 6 months. After that period, it will be deleted as well.

Long-term archiving

Data in the archive are saved for 3 years, even if you delete them from the source computer.

You can retrieve the data from the archive any time or delete data you no longer need.

To find the files more easily, you can add comments to them.

Recovering data

If you lose files and directories on the source computer or if they were damaged, you can recover them easily via the backup software.

However, this does not work if the entire operating system on your computer is damaged. In this case, you first have to install a functioning operating system and the backup software before you can recover your data from the backup service.


Please note that the backup service cannot guarantee one hundred percent data security.

Terms of Use

By registering your computer, you accept the Central backup Terms of Use.