Server housing

The Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) offers organisational units of the University of Vienna the possibility to run self-managed IT services on virtual or physical servers.

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Making a request for Virtual server housing

Making a request for Physical server housing

Virtual server housing

With virtual server housing, the organisational unit receives a virtual machine (VM) equipped according to your wishes on which a pre-installed or self-installed operating system (Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, etc.) runs. The ZID takes over the procurement, maintenance and support of the hardware.


  • Hardware is maintained by the ZID and will be replaced in the event of error.
  • Increased data security through enterprise storage systems.
  • Short downtimes, as the VM automatically starts on another server in the event of a hardware failure.
  • Quick and uncomplicated adjustment of hardware components (hard disk size, number of CPUs, RAM, etc.).
  • Regular partial backups allow you to return to a previous system state (after faulty updates, etc.).
  • Complete system backups are possible on request in order to restore a complete system status if necessary.

The respective organisational unit is responsible for the following points:

  • Maintenance of the operating system (installation of updates, security patches, etc.)
  • all software operated on it

Physical server housing

Servers that are not suitable for virtual server housing can be accommodated in the ZID data centres in the case of physical server housing.


  • Space for 19-inch servers is provided in a modern, well-equipped server room.
  • Technical and security infrastructure on site
  • Network connection and power supply is included
  • The hardware can be purchased by the organisational unit according to the required needs.

The respective organisational unit is responsible for the following points:

  • Hardware
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Maintenance