Virtual server housing

With virtual server housing, the organisational unit receives exclusive administrative access to the virtual server. The Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) takes care of the procurement, maintenance and support of the hardware.

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Make a request for virtual server housing

Agreement with the organisational unit

In order to operate a virtual server, an agreement must exist between the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) and the organisational unit. For this purpose, the following documents must be completed, signed by an authorised signatory (head or deputy) of the organisational unit, including the institute stamp (scanned), or digitally signed (e.g. via u:sign or A-Trust), and then sent to the ZID via the Servicedesk.

Authorised persons

Authorised Persons (AP), as specified in the Annex to the Agreement, are granted the following authorisations:

  • Place cost-effective orders such as:

    • Order or deregister new virtual serveres
    • Order hardware changes to existing virtual servers

  • Receive invoices and maintenance messages

If an IP or VPN address is specified in the annex to an AP, the authorisations are extended to include access to the web-based administration console. The following operations can be performed there:

  • (Re)start, shut down or reset the virtual server (without direct access to the operating system)
  • Operation of the virtual server console (for initial set-up or troubleshooting - for example, if the network connection is lost)
  • Inserting and ejecting installation media
  • (New) installation of an operating system
  • Complete local backup of VMs

If access via VPN is required, a static VPN IP address must be assigned to the u:account beforehand. This can be requested via the Servicedesk. Specify in the request that the static VPN IP address is required for virtual server housing.
If the AP has a u:account for guests, the static VPN IP address must be requested by the supporter of the account.

In order to add further APs at a later date, a new attachment containing the data of all APs active as of that date must be submitted to the ZID via the Servicedesk after confirmation by an authorised signatory.

Invoicing agent

If a person is to receive invoices for the costs of the service only, their e-mail address can be reported by an AP.

Requesting virtual server

A virtual server can only be requested by an authorised person (AP) who has been appointed to do so by the Anhang zur Vereinbarung virtuelles Serverhousing (Annex to the Virtual Server Housing Agreement).

To do so, use our contact form and select VM bestellen (order VM) under Art der Anfrage (Type of request).

The following data is required:

  • DNS name
    The DNS name must already be entered in the DNS by the IT representative before the order is placed.
  • IP address and VLAN
    Contact the IT representative of your organisational unit to determine a suitable place in a VLAN assigned to your unit.
  • Number of virtual CPUs
  • RAM in GB
  • Operating system from template (Yes) 
    You can choose between the following ready-installed operating systems. You will then receive the access data.

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard (64-bit)
    • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server (64-Bit without X)

  • Operating system from template (No)
    You can install any operating system yourself. The ZID recommends using an operating system supported by VMware Inc. for ESXi 7.0U3 (PDF). A prerequisite for self-installation is access to the management console as an authorised person.
  • System disk (GB)
    If operating system is required by the template: under Windows the system disk must be at least 40 GB, under Ubuntu LTS Server at least 20 GB.
  • Data disk (GB)
  • Ordering unit
    Institute number and name, e.g. A140 Zentraler Informatikdienst

Notes on operation

The ZID recommends installing VMware Tools or open-vm-tools and anti-virus software and keeping these up-to-date.

Microsoft Windows operating systems require a licence. If you would like to obtain the licence via the ZID, please follow the user guides for ordering software for virtual servers.

Apply for an SSL certificate for servers to establish an encrypted connection between the server and the user's end device.

For access via SSH, RDP or HTTPS to your virtual server, please contact the IT representative of your organisational unit for firewall activation.

If the allocated resources prove to be too scarce or too generous, they can be adjusted by authorised persons upon request. A short downtime of the virtual server is required for the adjustment.

Data backup

The ZID regularly backs up a snapshot of the system disk, but not of the data disk. Authorised persons are responsible for the backup at file level, also of the system disk. We recommend the central backup service for this purpose.

In the event of major changes to the system (such as a system upgrade), an authorised person can contact the ZID in advance regarding further backup options.

Cancelling virtual server

Use the contact form and select VM kündigen (Cancel VM) under Art der Anfrage (type of request).

Back up any data you still need and shut down the virtual server before cancelling it.


The settlement takes place once a year in retrospect at the beginning of December via the global cost centre of the unit.

The allocation period begins on 1 December and ends on 30 November of the following year.

Resources EUR/year
1 vCPU 20.00
1 GB RAM 20.00
1 GB system disk 0.50
1 GB data disk 0.15
1 GB template 0.15