Central backup Terms of Use

  • Last modified on: 05.09.2023
  • Approved by: Ulf Busch
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In your own interest, please make sure to run backups regularly.

If you have been inactive for too long (for example, due to a stay abroad or parental leave), you will lose your backup account and the data saved on it. Transfer your data you would like to save to the archive of the backup service (long-term archiving) to avoid data loss. For further information about the maximum permissible duration between backups and archiving, please see the information provided online.

In case of configuration changes to server CPUs, these must be reported to the ZID immediately using the Servicedesk form Zentrales Backup.

When you change the operating system (for example if you change from Linux to Windows), all data must be deleted from the backup account before reusing the account.

Please keep your password safe to prevent your backup account from theft. If you request using the service central backup, you agree that you do not pass on your login details to third parties.

Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent data security for the central backup.

Please contact the ZID Helpdesk, if you encounter problems during the backup run or setup