Expiration of a u:account

When your u:account expires, your privileges for the u:account change (usually meaning that privileges are revoked).

Please note point V of the u:account terms of use, referring to the revocation of usage privileges in case of unauthorised use.

This page is outdated and will be updated soon. Please refer to the German version of this page for the time being.


Your privileges for your student u:account are active for as long as you are admitted to a degree programme at the University of Vienna. You will receive a notification via e-mail in due time before your u:account expires.

You can still use certain IT services of the University of Vienna after you have completed your degree programme and your u:account has expired:

  • Forwarding e-mails from your u:account e-mail address to an external e-mail address
  • Access to My u:account
  • Password management
  • Access to u:space (reduced functionality)

Log in once a semester under My u:account to extend theses services. If you have set up an e-mail forwarder, you will receive a notification via e-mail in due time, reminding you to extend the u:account services.

If you enrol in another degree programme after your u:account has expired, you can reactivate your inactive u:account. Use the form Reactivating your u:account.


Your privileges for your employee u:account are active for as long as you are employed at the University of Vienna. Afterwards, different limitations apply to the individual types of privileges, depending on your employment status. You will receive a notification via e-mail in due time before your u:account expires.

If you are an academic staff member and retire from the University of Vienna, your u:account will expire without an extensive procedure.

All other employees receive an e-mail on the 29th day after the termination of their employment, informing them that the functionalities of their u:account will be reduced. As of this day, you can no longer use services for which an employment at the University of Vienna is a necessary requirement.

If you take up an employment at the University of Vienna again after an interruption, your u:account will automatically be assigned all the necessary privileges again.

For an overview of important services that you will no longer be able to use after receiving this e-mail and whose functionalities will be reduced, please see here:


Non-academic staff
Academic staff
Retired academic staff/emeriti
University lecturers
Teachers of educational colleges and other external institutions
Research Fellows
Habilitated staff

External persons

The validity of u:accounts for external persons is individually determined when setting up the u:account.

If the u:account is valid for more than 3 months, the person or institution responsible for setting up the u:account for external persons (supporter) will receive a notification via e-mail 2 weeks before the validity expires.

If necessary, the supporter can extend the permission. For this purpose, s/he has to contact the ZID Helpdesk.

After the validity period has expired, the account will be deactivated.

Your u:account for external persons will also expire, if the supporter is no longer employed with the University of Vienna. This also applies if the validity period initially specified has not yet expired. Another person can take over the role of the supporter from the previous supporter.

All information for external library users is available on the webpages of the University Library.


A newly set up u:account that does not receive any rights within a year (admission to a degree programme, employee, external library user) will be deactivated. It can be reactivated with the last valid password. Use the form Formular Reactivating your u:account.