Setting up a u:account

The u:account is the personal access to the IT services of the University of Vienna for students, employees and external persons.

It consists of the u:account UserID and the u:account password. Users can set both the UserID as well as the password themselves.


You already have a u:account and have taken up a new function at the University of Vienna, for example as a student starting an employment or as an external person enrolling in a degree programme? In this case, please only use your existing u:account.

  • If you additionally enrol in a degree programme: Log in to u:space to register as a student.
  • If you additionally start an employment at the University of Vienna: Contact the ZID Helpdesk as soon as you have signed your employment contract.

Your advantages of a single u:account

  • Only one u:account userID and password
  • Only one e-mail mailbox
  • Using u:space and Moodle at the same time as an employee and student without having to log out and in again
  • Student and employee ID on one u:card
  • It is not possible to merge separate u:accounts later.


Prospective students require a u:account for the application for admission to a degree programme in u:space.

If you enrol in another degree programme after your u:account has expired, you can reactivate your inactive u:account. Use the form Reactivating your u:account.

External persons

People from outside the University (external persons) – e.g. official guests and visitors of the University of Vienna, academic cooperating partners, employees of companies carrying out work at the University of Vienna, etc. – can use certain selected IT services.

Library users who do not study or work at the University of Vienna also require a u:account to borrow books.

  • Setting up a u:account for library users from outside the University via u:space


A newly set up u:account that does not receive any rights within a year (admission to a degree programme, employee, external library user) will be deactivated. It can be reactivated with the last valid password. Use the form Reactivating your u:account.