Printing for employees – u:print staff

u:print staff enables organisational units of the University of Vienna to offer and charge printing and copying services to its employees in a convenient way.

Using u:print staff

All active employees of the University of Vienna are eligible to use u:print staff. The prerequisite is a P-Key (personnel number) and a cost centre allocated to you in i3v.

Log in to the u:print staff device using your u:account or your u:card. The following services are available:

  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning

The services are automatically invoiced to the cost centre allocated to you in i3v.


Do not shut down the u:print staff device. It is connected to a remote monitoring system, which reports malfunctions and automatically re-orders toners.

Sending a print job

You have several options of sending a print job to a u:print staff device:

  • From every PC connected to the University of Vienna’s data network on which u:print staff is configured as a printer
  • From every external PC on which u:print staff is configured as a printer and which is connected to the University of Vienna’s data network by VPN
  • Directly from an external storage medium (such as a flash drive) via the USB port of the u:print staff device

Colour options and paper size

By default, all u:print staff devices are configured to A4 paper size and single-sided black-and-white printing.

You can print documents in black-and-white or in colour. You can select black-and-white or colour print when you send the print job from your PC or from your mobile device.

You can choose between A4 or A3 paper size. You can select A4 or A3 when you send the print job from your PC or from your mobile device.

For larger, smaller (e.g. A5) and uncommon paper sizes (such as letter), you have to determine the paper size and scaling directly at the u:print staff device.

Supported file types

For print jobs sent from the PC, the u:print staff devices support all file types for which the associated program is installed on the computer.

Printing via mobile printing is possible for the following file types:

  • PDF files
  • Common image formats (e.g. JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG)
  • Microsoft Office files (e.g. Word, Excel)
  • OpenDocument files (ODT, ODS, ODP)

You can only send print jobs by flash drive for the following file types:

  • PDF files
  • Common image formats (e.g. JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG)

For all other file types, you first have to convert the files into PDF files when sending the print job by USB or mobile printing. The relevant software is available online.

Ordering u:print staff

  1. To order u:print staff, please fill out the form Vereinbarung über die Einrichtung und Nutzung von u:print-Services (PDF) (Agreement on the setup and usage of u:print services, PDF, in German) which the head of your organisational unit has to sign.
  2. Please return the scan of the signed form via u:print staff bestellen to the ZID.
  3. The ZID then signs the form and returns it to you.

The contract is concluded for a period of 60 months and cannot be terminated within this period.

Costs for the organisational unit

The costs payable by the organisational unit are determined by the basic price and the price per page.

The organisational unit is notified in writing about the current prices. Prices may be adjusted from time to time due to increases in the consumer price index. The organisational unit will be notified if any of the suppliers raise their prices.

The specified prices (basic price and price per page) only apply until the recommended page volume specified for the device is reached. If there are more print and copy jobs, the manufacturer may invoice additional maintenance costs. These will be invoiced in full to the organisational unit.

Basic price

The basic price includes the rent for the u:print staff device, a monthly service fee as well as the rent for optional hardware (all prices including VAT).

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C5840i C5850i C5860i C5870i
Recommended page volume per month 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000
Rent per month EUR 101.00 EUR 110.00 EUR 118.00 EUR 202.00
Service fee per month EUR 5.00 EUR 5.00 EUR 5.00 EUR 5.00


Optional hardware Description Rent per month
Internal finisher H1 Stapling, collating up to 250 pages EUR 14.00
Internal hole-punching unit B1 H1 required EUR 7.00
External finisher Y1  Stapling, collating up to 3,000 pages EUR 25.00
Brochure finisher Y1  Stapling, folding EUR 48.00
External hole-punching unit A1  Y1 required EUR 7.00
External paper tray F1  For 2,700 sheets of A4 EUR 19.00
Internal paper tray A1 For 2.450 sheets of A4 paper EUR 20.00

Price per page

The price per page is determined on a quarterly basis, itemised according to user and invoiced to the organisational unit.

Costs per page (including VAT):

Paper size Colour Costs
A4 black-and-white EUR 0.006
A3 black-and-white EUR 0.006
A4  colour EUR 0.055
A3  colour EUR 0.055

These prices apply to all types of devices.

Paper costs

The organisational unit has to purchase the paper itself. 

For information, the ZID specifies the calculated paper costs on the quarterly invoice. They are based on the current price of the Federal Procurement Agency (BBG, Bundesbeschaffung GmbH).

Choosing a location

The u:print staff device requires a power supply and a network connection.

Please make sure that the location complies with the fire and security regulations. If necessary, discuss this topic with the Facility and Resources Management of the University of Vienna.

Replacing toners

The touchscreen of the device displays a message if the printer is running out of paper, if the toner is running low or if the waste toner box needs to be emptied. New toners and new waste toner boxes will be delivered automatically.

When the toner cartridge is running low, the device notifies the user about the necessary toner replacement on the touchscreen. Users can replace the toner cartridge with minimum effort. The organisational unit can recycle empty toner cartridges. Full waste toner boxes are disposed of in the household waste.


In case of malfunctions or if you have any questions, please contact us via the form Störung am u:print oder u:print-staff-Gerät melden (reporting malfunctions of a u:print or a u:print staff device).

Alternatively, you can also contact the Canon service via telephone, specifying the serial number (label on the device). T: +43-1-66 165

In most cases, a technician will take care of the device within the next 24 hours.

You can find further information on the product websites of the Canon series imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C5800 and under the technical specifications of the series.


Make sure that someone is available on site for the agreed service appointment. Otherwise, Canon will invoice the organisational unit with EUR 300 of travel costs.

If the malfunction was caused by deliberate property damage or by the use of unsuitable material (for example print media that cannot be copied or unsuitable toners), the maintenance/repair work is not included in the regular price. It also does not include any maintenance work that could have been carried out by you according to the instruction manual.