Ticket system – Servicedesk

Employees of the University of Vienna can channel requests from customers with a servicedesk and thus lower support expenditures. The ZID runs the technical infrastructure. It configures the process and settings in the agent portal and supports with the design of the customer portal.

Servicedesk error message

Error messages may occur when submitting a form in the service desk portal or when calling up the agent portal. In this case, delete the cache and cookies of your browser.

 Direct links

Viewing and creating tickets: Servicedesk of the University of Vienna

Editing existing tickets: Servicedesk agent portal

Form neues Servicedesk-Projekt einrichten oder Konfiguration anfordern (create new Servicedesk project or request configuration)

Form Allgemeine Anfrage zum Servicedesk stellen (General request for Servicedesk)

Requesting Servicedesk project

To set up a new Servicedesk project, the head of the organisational unit or the responsible IT representative has to request it via the form Servicedesk-Projekt anfordern (Requesting Servicedesk project).


The standard configuration is free of charge. Additional functionalities and trainings may be subject to a charge.

Available languages

The customer portal and the editor's view (agent portal) can both be switched to English language.

Setting up the agent portal

The ZID gives advice to interested organisational units and sets up the required projects and the agent portal with all necessary permissions and notifications. 

Changes to the permissions or the extended configuration can be made by the responsible employees with the form Konfiguration für Servicedesk anfordern (requesting configuration for Servicedesk).

Receiving support

For technical support on already existing Servicedesk projects use the form Anfrage zum Ticketsystem (Ticket system request).

Accessibility Statement

For information on the accessibility of the service, see Accessibility Statement (in German).