Cloud strategy

The Cloud Strategy of the University of Vienna defines the framework conditions for the members of the University of Vienna to be able to sustainably and safely use innovative cloud services for research, teaching and administration.

The University of Vienna has identified four strategic areas in the field of cloud computing and has developed the following positions in the Cloud Strategy:

  • Innovation and competence: The University of Vienna provides its members with access to the latest technology and services in the area of cloud computing. Moreover, university members should participate in the development and further development of cloud services and thus contribute to shaping innovations.
  • Economic efficiency: When using cloud services, their economic efficiency needs to be examined regularly. The outsourcing of existing IT services into cloud services also incurs costs (licensing costs, local resources, personnel) and must be scrutinised with regard to economic efficiency.
  • Data protection: The University of Vienna ensures compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation when using cloud services. Moreover, members of the University of Vienna must develop awareness of how to handle the sensitive data they use in the cloud properly.
  • Information security: If you intend to introduce a cloud service, you have to consider aspects of IT security when selecting an external cloud provider. Subsequently, adequate operative measure must guarantee the security of the data processed by the cloud services.

To implement this Strategy, a person responsible for the service is appointed for every cloud service to be introduced. They assume responsibility for data protection, financing, information security and compliance with university-internal rules associated with the cloud service.

Additionally, the University of Vienna takes related measures in the areas of education, competence and technology.

Download the Cloud Strategy (PDF, in German)

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