Attractiveness of cloud computing

From the users' point of view, the advantages of cloud computing are obvious, but companies can also benefit from cloud services.

Illustration Vorteile Nutzer*innen

From the user's point of view

  • Easy and fast access to data at any time and on all devices, as well as the possibility to make data accessible to others;
  • Collaborative work can be made easier, especially in the professional environment;
  • Easy way to free up storage on the users’ own devices by transferring data such as photos to cloud storages.

Illustration Vorteile für Unternehmen

From the point of view of companies

  • From the point of view of companies, cloud computing is often geared towards saving effort and costs by outsourcing services to a public cloud, in particular reducing costs for the acquisition of hardware and software, for ongoing operations and for specialised staff to maintain the infrastructure.
  • Another advantage can be the fast, individual adaptability of the services to the company’s own current needs. Since many cloud services are provided as self-service offers, they can be ordered and expanded in a short time with a few mouse clicks. This would also make it possible to connect additional locations with little effort.
  • Two other important aspects are the reliability and the security of data. On the one hand, cloud computing can be used to ensure data backup and disaster recovery, especially if cloud computing services are run in a global network of data centres that are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient hardware. Access to resources as well as access to sensitive computing facilities are also subject to appropriate guidelines.
    On the other hand, security concerns in particular are the main reason for a critical view on cloud computing


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