Changes to the u:cloud service

08.12.2023 - 10.12.2023

The ZID is changing the software on which the u:cloud service is based in order to ensure the long-term security of the service. The u:cloud will therefore be unavailable all day from Friday, 08.12.2023 to Sunday, 10.12.2023.

All u:cloud functions will still be available after the update. Updated user guides and information about the u:cloud will be available on the u:cloud service page from 05.12.2023.


What do users have to do?

Users who access u:cloud via a mobile app or locally installed software must update it:

  • Mobile app for smartphone, tablet: The u:cloud app must be updated to the latest version from 11.12.2023 at the earliest via the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android) in order to continue managing data in u:cloud. Users who have their apps updated automatically do not have to do anything.
  • Locally installed software for laptop, desktop: Users must migrate to the new software from 11.12.2023 at the earliest. The user guide Migrating to new software helps with this process. Centrally managed PCs for employees will receive the update automatically. After the update, their users will be asked to log in to u:cloud again. The user guide Logging in to u:cloud again will help with this.

Users who access u:cloud via a browser do not have to do anything.


If you have any questions, please use our Servicedesk form u:cloud, u:cloud pro.

We ask for your understanding.