Telephony – u:phone

The u:phone service consists of the telephone system of the University of Vienna as well as all related IT services for employees.

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Form u:phone-Profil bestellen (requesting u:phone profile)

Form Telefonie – u:phone (telephony – u:phone)

All requests and failure reports

Managing the profile

Use the following forms for managing profiles:

The University of Vienna offers 6 possible profiles. Every profile has different permissions and functions.

Premium profiles are assigned to individual persons. Requirements to the assignment of a premium profile:

  • Employment with an active working address at the University of Vienna; Human Resources Administration is responsible for entering and deleting your work address.
  • Active e-mail address at the University of Vienna

Extra profiles are assigned to persons outside the University or persons without an active University of Vienna e-mail address. In addition, they are used for non-personal phones (e.g. in lecture halls or laboratories).

30 days after termination of your employment, your profile including the call journal and all contacts will be deleted automatically.


Save your profile data before they are deleted, as it is not possible to recover them afterwards.

Available profiles

NamePermissionMobilityMobile ClientsVoicemail and Webfax
Local PremiumAustria + international zone 1YesYes


World PremiumWorldwideYesYes


Extra LocalAustria + international zone 1NoNo


Extra WorldWorldwideNoNoNo
Extra InternalIn-houseNoNoNo

Local: Calls to numbers in Austria and all countries within the international zone 1 (all EU states, all neighbouring states, USA, Russia, Australia)

World: Calls to all numbers, except for premium rate numbers that are not approved

Internal: Calls to all extensions within the University of Vienna, free 0800 numbers and emergency numbers

Extra: Firmly linked to one telephone, no multi-user workplace, no call journal

Mobility: Multi-user workspace possible, log-in and log-out using login details

Mobile clients: Using the extension via an app on the smartphone (Android or iOS)

Voicemail and Webfax: Answering machine, electronic fax receipt (delivered as a PDF)

Managing the login details for the Premium profile

Your login details for the Premium profile are the MobilityID (telephone number) and the related PIN. They are assigned to individual persons who get their login details via e-mail.

You can check your login details under My u:account. In case of problems with the access data use the form u:phone-Zugangsdaten verwalten (managing u:phone login details).

Changing the PIN for the Premium profile

You can check your PIN under My u:account. Use the form u:phone-PIN ändern (changeing the u:phone PIN) to change the PIN of your u:phone.


    If you change your PIN, it might cause technical problems on your u:phone device. Please use this option with caution.

    Logging in to the u:phone device

    To use u:phone, please log in on the u:phone device using your login details (MobilityID and PIN). Please read the user guide attached to the e-mail containing your login details. This way, your personal profile including the permissions and functions allocated to you will be activated.

    Extra profiles can only be registered and deregistered by the ZID.

    Keeping your number

    Use the form u:phone-Profil ändern (changing u:phone profile) to take your number with you to a new work address.

    You can keep your number if your work address changes (for example, because you move to another university location or another organisational unit). Prerequisite is the approval from your previous and future organisational unit.

    You cannot keep secretary office numbers or departmental fax numbers. 

    Changing the workplace

    1. Log out from your u:phone device at your previous workplace. Please read the user guide attached to the e-mail containing your login details.
    2. Leave the u:phone device at its location. Only the u:phone team is allowed to move u:phone devices.
    3. Log in on the u:phone device at your new workplace using the MobilityID and PIN.

    Deactivating your number

    Your extension will be deleted if you are no longer employed with the organisational unit. Entire number blocks will be deactivated if the organisational unit is dissolved

    Using u:phone on the smartphone or in the browser

    With OpenScape software you can use u:phone also on your Android- or iOS device as well as via the browser, for example to set up a call forwarding on the go or to make a phone call.

    Business phone

    If you have a valid extension, you can get a business phone. For further information, please see under business phone.

    Terms of Use

    If you use the u:phone service, you have to comply with the u:phone Terms of Use (in German). In particular, the following obligations apply:

    • You have to keep your password and PIN secret.
    • You may not manipulate the devices and services of the telephone system.
    • It is not permitted to attach things to or write on the devices.
    • If you damage the u:phone devices on purpose or in case of vandalism, the ZID reserves the right to charge you with the costs for the substitute device.
    • In case of construction and renovation works, please unplug the device and keep it safe. As soon as the work is done, you can plug the device back in its port.