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Every workplace at the University of Vienna may feature a u:phone device. Additional IT services enable the modern use of the telephone service.

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Form u:phone-Apparat bestellen (ordering a u:phone device)

Form u:phone-Zubehör bestellen (ordering u:phone accessories)

Ordering a u:phone device

Use the form u:phone-Apparat bestellen (ordering a u:phone device).

  • The u:phone device is subject to a charge. When you order your u:phone, you have to confirm that you have notified your superior responsible for the budget about the costs.
  • Devices are allocated to specific rooms. Only the u:phone team is allowed to move u:phone devices.
  • Devices other than the ones listed here may not be connected to the telephone system.

    OpenStage 60

    u:phone-Apparat OpenStage 60

    Standard device for workplace (refurbished)

    Costs: EUR 100.00 (including VAT)

    Headsets and additional accessories

    Use the form u:phone-Zubehör bestellen (ordering u:phone accessories).

    You can order the following accessories from the ZID:

    • Corded headset: EncorePro by Plantronics (recommended)
    • Corded headset: SupraPlus by Plantronics (recommended)
    • Connection to OpenStage60: Connection cable U10P-S19
    • Connection to the laptop: USB adapter DA45
    • New telephone receiver
    • New cable for the telephone receiver
    • Additional power adapter
    • Wall mount for OpenStage40
    • Keypad module for OpenStage60


    You can use any wireless Bluetooth headset. However, the ZID recommends using corded headsets.


    Use the Webfax website to send a Webfax.

    Webfax sends faxes via your PC and delivers them via e-mail in PDF format. Every Premium profile has access to Webfax automatically.


    If you are not in the range of the University of Vienna’s data network, you require a VPN connection to access Webfax.

    Using u:phone in the browser

    Use the u:phone in the browser with the OpenScape Web Client via uphone.univie.ac.at.

    To log in, you require an active employee u:account and a Premium profile. You can use the Open Scape Web Client on any computer that has an internet connection.

    You can use the following OpenScape Web Client functionalities:

    • Making calls
    • Setting up call forwarding
    • Seeing list of icoming and outgoing calls
    • Setting up an audio conference
    • Managing contacts


    If you are not in the range of the University of Vienna’s data network, you require a VPN connection to access Webfax.