New provider

The University of Vienna has changed its business phone provider. On this page, business phone users and cost centre managers will find all the information they need for a smooth transition. 

Read more about the background in the ZID blog: Cheaper, simpler, faster: the University of Vienna's new business phone contract


The University of Vienna's business phone provider is Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH (Drei for short).


  • Reception and coverage are guaranteed at all locations of the University of Vienna, even at exposed or remote locations.
  • All SIM cards have access to the 5G network.
  • Voice-over-Wi-Fi and Voice-over-LTE also work with an additional SIM
  • All SIM cards allow up to 300 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload

Phone numbers

  • The business mobile phone numbers in the format +43-664-817xxxx have been ported.
  • The university's internal speed dialling numbers remain unchanged:

    • Business mobile phone to business mobile phone or u:phone device to u:phone device: dial desired u:phone extension.
    • Business mobile phone to u:phone device and vice versa: dial 90 + u:phone extension.

  • The old business phone numbers of the University of Vienna in the format +43-664-60277-u:phone extension can still be reached by phone, but not anymore by SMS.

Kundenzone (customer zone)

Die Drei Kundenzone (Drei customer zone) was primarily developed for private customers. You can set up call forwarding or activate voicemail there. User guide Using Drei Kundenzone (in German)

Specific adjustments have been made to the Kundenzone for the University of Vienna. For example, all paid additional functions are deactivated

Some of the information displayed relates to the contract that the University of Vienna has signed with Drei, and is not related to your individually selected basic tariff. This includes, for example, the Tarif (tariff) and Produkt (product) details mentioned in the Kundenzone.

All functions that require to enter the Kundenkennwort (customer password) are reserved for the ZID business phone team.

Fair-use principle

The new basic tariffs are designed as package prices based on a fair-use principle, regardless of usage.

This means that there is a reference value for users, but no fixed upper limit for usage. Even if you exceed the fair-use reference value occasionally, you will not incur any additional costs in Austria and when travelling throughout the EU.

You will receive an SMS with the sender ZID UniWien if you have used 75% or 100% of the agreed data volume or if your data consumption is unusually high. 

The ZID will only contact you if you exceed the reference value for 3 consecutive months in order to find a more suitable tariff together.


All basic tariffs include 3,000 free minutes for voice calls and 1,000 SMS/MMS. 4 tariffs also include a monthly data volume depending on the price. Free minutes, SMS/MMS and data can be used in Austria and when travelling throughout the EU: EU roaming (voice calls, data, text messages) is included as standard in the new basic tariffs.

Additional costs only arise

These additional costs are charged according to usage. In future, the tariffs for this will be significantly cheaper than before. 

For long calls abroad, the ZID recommends u:phone as the cheapest alternative. 


In short time you can see your tariff in the Servicedesk and change it if desired. 

For cost centre managers, only the amount charged will change. You do not have to do anything. 

  • For April 2024 cost centre managers will receive 2 separate invoices: one from the previous provider A1 and one from the new provider Drei.
  • For technical reasons, the first invoice from the new provider will probably arrive a little later than usual. The ZID asks for your understanding.


If your device supports eSIM, you can use your business phone with eSIM. User guide Using a business phone with eSIM

If you would like to switch from a SIM card to eSIM, please use the form Tausch-SIM-Karte bestellen (Order exchange SIM card, in German).