Setting up security key (YubiKey) as second factor for VPN

This user guide will help you setting up a security key, a series 5 YubiKey, as a second factor for multi-factor authentication for VPN. The YubiKey has a sensor (golden area) that you can use to operate it.


  • a device (i.e. laptop) on which you want to use VPN with multi-factor authentication 
  • a series 5 YubiKey

Setting up a YubiKey as a second factor

  1. In the browser of your other device (i.e. laptop) that you want to use VPN on, open the form Setting up second factor
  2. Click on Setting up YubiKey.

Screenshot setting up YubiKey


  1. Position the cursor in the One-time password field.
  2. Connect your YubiKey to your device via USB.
  3. Touch the sensor of the YubiKey (golden area) and then save the one-time password with OK.

Screenshot setting up YubiKey

Multi-factor authentication is now activated.

Screenshot YubiKey activated


For user guides on how to subsequently log on to the VPN with multi-factor authentication, see Establishing a VPN connection.