Standard administration PC

Standard administration PCs are standardised PCs with standardised hardware and software for workplaces at administrative units. They are managed exclusively by the ZID and are only available to university management, central support units and service units.


The organisational unit that files a request will carry the initial costs for hardware and basic license of the operating system.

Additional software will be quarterly invoiced via software and asset management (SAM). As long as the university management agrees, the ZID renews the hardware every 5 years through a centrally funded project.


Employees at administrative units that are equipped with standard administration PCs can send their requests directly to the Service Delivery team:

  • Please use preferably the Servicedesk so that your request can be processed in a more structured and transparent manner.
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +43 1 4277-141 40

Please provide the following information when you contact us:

  • Your u:account UserID
  • The PC number or IP address / host name of the relevant PC, laptop or printer
  • If possible: Date and time when the problem occurred
  • Brief description of the problem. If possible, list the steps you took before the problem occurred so that we can reproduce the problem.