Logging in and out

This user guide explains how to log in and log out at the u:print device.

You can identify u:print devices by their white-and-blue u:print stickers (for students) or u:print staff stickers (for employees).

Aufkleber u:print

Aufkleber u:print staff


  • A valid u:account UserID and password
  • A validated u:card with loaded credit. Following validation, it may take up to 5 hours until the u:card is activated.

Logging in

  1. If the display is dark, press the green standby button next to the number pad on the device.
  2. The device switches from standby mode to working mode. It will take a few moments for the u:print device to be warmed up and ready for user registration.

Foto Standby-Taste

u:print for students

  • Hold your u:card (with loaded credit) on top of the area showing the card symbol at the u:print device. You can manage your credit online in the u:print payment system or at the top-up station in NIG (Universitätsstraße 7, Computer Room 3).

  1. Tap the field User Name on the touch screen. Enter your u:account UserID, using the keyboard on the touch screen, and press OK.
  2. Enter your u:account password the same way in the Password field, and press Login.

Foto Anmeldebildschirm

u:print for employees

Linking your u:card or access card with your u:account

Before logging in for the first time on a u:print staff device, you can link your u:card for employees/access card with your personal u:account. Afterwards, you can log in on any u:print staff device without entering your u:account user data manually.

Further information about the u:card for employees is available on the u:card website.

To link your u:card for employees or access card with your u:account, take the following steps:

  1. Put your u:card for employees or your access card on the card reader of the u:print staff device (for about 2 seconds) until you hear a short beep.
    Touch screen display: Trying to Login. Please wait a moment.
  2. The u:card for employees or access card is recognised.
    Touch screen display: Your ID Card is unknown. Please log in with your user name and password to register your ID Card.
  3. Enter your u:account UserID and your u:account password in the relevant fields.
  4. Press Login.
  5. Your u:card for employees or access card and your u:account are now linked when logging in on the u:print staff device.
  6. To log in on a u:print staff device, you can now just put your u:card for employees or access card on the card reader.

Alternatively, you can always log in by typing your u:account UserID and u:account password manually on the u:print device.

If you lose your u:card for employees or access card, please contact


When a new access card is linked for the first time, an older link is automatically deleted.

Log in at u:print staff

  • Hold your u:card on top of the area showing the card symbol at the u:print staff device.
  • Alternatively  you can log in using your u:account:
    On the touch screen, tap the field User Name. Type in your u:account userID and select OK. Type in your u:account password in the field Password and select Login.

Select functions

 Press the corresponding button on the right side of the touch screen.

Screenshot Funktionen

  • Print – Secure Print
  • Printing from a USB flash drive – Access stored files
  • Copy
  • Scan – Scan and Send and Scan and Store 
    Scan and Store can be accessed via the button Main Menu

Log out

  1. Press the button ID right from the display in the number pad.
  2. If necessary, remove the copy card from the reader.
  3. The touch screen now shows the login window again.
  4. Don't forget your printouts, templates and USB storage devices.

Foto ID-Taste

u:print device broken?

Report missing paper, toner shortages or technical defects to the Computer Room Support.

If there is no Computer Room Support available at the location, please report this via the Servicedesk, specifying the location (street, room, possibly device serial number on the u:print device).