Linux – NetworkManager

This user guide helps you to set up WiFi via eduroam with Ubuntu.


  • If your laptop has a switch to activate the Wi-Fi function, activate it.
  • eduroam offers a secure internet connection via Wi-Fi: The authentification as well as the data transfer are encrypted and therefore protected from unauthorised access.


  • u:account userID in the form
  • Wi-Fi password. You can check your current Wi-Fi password under My u:account.
  • Computer running under Linux with installed NetworkManager, equipped with a wireless network card (Wi-Fi).
  • Access point in reach

Setting up eduroam

On the desktop, click the symbols on the top right to open the menu.

First, click on the Wi-Fi entry and in the sub-menu Select network (Wählen Sie ein Netzwerk aus).

Screenshot Ubuntu WiFi menu

Select the eduroam network and click Connect (Verbinden).

Screenshot Ubuntu WiFi - select eduroam network

Fill in the form as follows:

  • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • No CA certificate is required
  • Username: u:account userID in the form
  • Password: your Wi-Fi password

Click Connect.

Screenshot Ubuntu WiFi - eduroam configuration

You should now be connected with the eduroam network.

Screenshot Ubuntu WiFi - connected to eduroam


Sometimes the NetworkManager cannot connect to eduroam.In this case, the certificate available here can be added via Select CA certificate (CA-Zertifikat auswählen), as described above.