Default settings

These are the current default settings of the University of Vienna for the video conferencing tool Zoom in the areas of meeting, recording and audio conferencing. Settings that are marked as not changeable cannot be activated or deactivated for reasons of security and data protection. All other settings in bold in the list can be adjusted in your personal profile or in the settings of a meeting.



Options Settings
Require that all meetings are secured with one security option On – not changeable
Waiting Room On
Require a passcode for meetings which have already been scheduled On – not changeable
Require a passcode for instant meetings On – not changeable
Personal Meeting ID (PMI) passcode On – not changeable
Webinar passcode On – not changeable
Require a passcode for participants joining by phone On – not changeable
Embed passcode in meeting link for one-click join On
Nur berechtigte Nutzer*innen können an Meetings teilnehmen Off
Only authenticated users can join meetings via web client Off
Approve or block entry to users from specific regions/countries Off
Allow use of end-to-end encryption On

Schedule meeting

Options Settings
Host video Off
Participants video Off
Audio Type Telephone and computer audio
Allow participants to join before the host Off
Enable Personal Meeting ID On
Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting Off
Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when starting a meeting Off
Add watermark Off – not changeable
Add audio watermark Off – not changeable
Always show "Zoom Meeting" as meeting topic Off
Mute participants when they join a meeting On
Upcoming meeting reminder Off

In Meeting – Basics

Options Settings
Require encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP) On – not changeable
Chat On
Prevent participants from saving chat On
Private Chat Off
Auto saving chats Off – not changeable
Sound notification when someone joins or leaves Off
File transfer Off – not changeable
Feedback to Zoom Off – not changeable
Display meeting experience feedback survey Off – not changeable
Co-host On
Meeting Polls On
Webinar Polls On
Webinar Survey (after the meeting) On
Always show meeting control toolbar On
Show Zoom windows during screen share Off
Screen sharing On
Who can share screen? Only Host
Disable desktop screen sharing for users Off
Annotation (for shared screens) On
Only the user who is sharing can annotate On
Whiteboard On
Allow saving of whiteboard content On
Remote control Off – not changeable
Nonverbal feedback On
Meeting reactions On
Allow participants to rejoin Off
Allow participants to rename themselves On
Hide participant's profile pictures in a meeting Off

In Meeting – Advanced

Options Settings
Report to Zoom Off – not changeable
Q&A in Webinar On
Breakout Room On
Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling On
Remote Support Off – not changeable
Captioning Off
Save captions Off
Language interpretation Off
Far end camera control (remote control) Off – not changeable
Virtual background On
Video filters Off
Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar Off
Auto-answer group in chat Off
Peer-to-Peer connection, if only 2 people are in a meeting On
Only show default e-mail when sending e-mail invites On
Use HTML format email for Outlook plugin Off
DSCP marking Off
Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings Off
Allow users to select original sound in their client settings Off
Show a "Join from your browser" link On – not changeable
Waiting room On
Livestreaming of Meetings Off – not changeable
Livestreaming of Webinars Off – not changeable
Show a custom disclaimer when starting or joining a meeting Off
Request permission to unmute Off

E-mail Notifications

Options Settings
When a cloud recording is available On
Send also to the person who has scheduled the meeting/webinar for the host On
Send also to the alternative host On
When participants join the meeting before the host Off
When a meeting has been cancelled Off
When a different host has been registered for or deleted from a meeting Off
When someone has scheduled a meeting for a co-host On
When the cloud recording must be removed from the recycle bin On – not changeable


Options Settings
Blur snapshot on iOS app switcher On
Call a SIP/H.323 room system directly from the client Off – not changeable
Select e-mail in the editing language German
Scheduling privilege Nobody
I can schedule for Nobody


Options Settings
Local recording Off – not changeable
Cloud recording On – not changeable
Record active speaker with shared screen On – not changeable
Record gallery view with shared screen Off – not changeable
Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen individually Off – not changeable
Record audio-only file On – not changeable
Save chat messages of meeting/webinar Off – not changeable
Add a timestamp to the recording Off – not changeable
Allow participant's names in the recordings Off – not changeable
Record thumbnails on release On – not changeable
Optimise recording for video editor of third parties On – not changeable
Audio transcript Off – not changeable
Save speaker chat in recording Off – not changeable
Save survey results published during meeting/webinar Off – not changeable
Allow release of cloud recordings On
Download of cloud recordings On – not changeable
Only co-host can download cloud recordings On – not changeable
Auto-recording Off – not changeable
IP address access control Off
Only authorised users can view cloud recordings Off
Set recording as "on demand" Off
Ask for passcode to access released cloud recordings Off – not changeable
Viewers can see transcript Off – not changeable
Auto-Delete of cloud recordings On, after 365 days – not changeable
The host can delete cloud recordings On – not changeable
Disclaimer for the recording On – not changeable
Multiple audio notifications when recording the meeting/ending the recording On – not changeable

Audio conferencing

Options Settings
Show international numbers link on the invitation e-mail Off
Fee-based toll call On – not changeable
Third party audio Off – not changeable
Mask phone number in participant list On – not changeable
Global dial-in countries/regions Austria