Uninstalling Microsoft 365 or managing accounts

This user guide will help you to uninstall Microsoft 365 from your computer or manage Microsoft accounts on a device.


When following the user guides, please note that Microsoft 365 accounts at the University of Vienna are operated as work or school accounts.

Uninstalling Microsoft 365

Use the user guides on the Microsoft support pages:

Under Windows 10/Windows 11: Uninstall Office from a PC oder Video: Uninstall Office

Under macOS: Uninstall Office for Mac

Signing out of a Microsoft account

Use the user guide Sign out of Office on the Microsoft support pages.


Adding or removing a Microsoft account

If you want to use different accounts on one device, for example because the device is shared or you want to use the device for personal and business or school projects, use the user guides on the Microsoft support pages:

Under Windows 10/Windows 11Add or remove accounts on your PC

Under macOSSign out of Office

Removing Office license files

This user guide may be helpful if you have problems activating Microsoft 365 on macOS.

Use the user guide How to remove Office license files on a Mac on the Microsoft support pages.