Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing and collaboration platform and is available as part of Microsoft 365.

Scope of service

Teams is available to members of the University of Vienna as part of Microsoft 365. In addition to functions such as chats, calls, (video) meetings and tasks, Teams also offers a link to the Exchange service as well as access to other Microsoft 365 apps, for example SharePoint, OneDrive, Whiteboard and Stream.

Aquiring Teams

To use Teams at the University of Vienna, you need:

  • a Microsoft account
  • a personal licence

A Microsoft account and a personal licence are created when you aquiring Microsoft 365.


Employees aquire Microsoft 365 via the self-service portal.


For students, Microsoft 365 will be available free of charge via AcadCloud (implementation in progress).

Using Teams

The following options are available:

An active Internet connection is required to use Teams.


Also use the information under Parallel use of team environments (in German).

Logging in to Teams

To log in to Teams use the following information:


Teams Microsoft 365

Microsoft account at the University of Vienna

  • User name: – Example:
  • Password: u:account password



Teams u:net environment

User name (depending on how you registered):


Password: The password you have chosen.


Data protection

For information on data protection, see the Microsoft 365 data protection website (in German).

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use Microsoft 365 apply.

 User guides

You can find user guides for Teams via the Microsoft 365 user guides.