Exchange is a comprehensive communication platform for employees of the University of Vienna. In addition to the e-mail functionality, it offers several share functionalities, such as a shared calendar, shared administration of contacts or public folders.

An automatic virus scanner and spam filter protect accounts from malware and unwanted mailings.

Registering for Exchange

Upon request by the head of a unit, the ZID provides every organisational unit with Exchange free of charge. Only the users themselves can manage the rights structure (Who is authorised to see or change what data?) in Exchange.

Anmeldung MS-Exchange für Organisationseinheiten (PDF) (registration MS Exchange for organisational units, in German)

Accessing Exchange

You have several options to access Exchange:

On the desktop: Outlook and Apple Mail

Exchange supports the following locally installed software:

  • Outlook for Windows (version 2016 or version 2019)
  • Outlook for Mac (as of version 2016)
  • Apple Mail (as of version 13.4)

In Outlook and Apple Mail, you can use all functionalities of Exchange: e-mail, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes.

In the browser: Outlook Web App (OWA)

Via the Webmail component OWA, you can use Exchange from any internet-connected device. You can use all functionalities of Exchange: e-mail, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes.

Open a browser and go to OWA. Next, log in using your active u:account for employees.

After you have logged in for the first time, you can also use OWA without being connected to the internet. All functionalities are available. Any changes are synchronised and e-mails are sent and received as soon as you connect to the internet again.

On your mobile device: App

You can also synchronise your mobile devices with the Exchange server. The availability of functionalities depends on the app you selected. For further information about installation and available functionalities, please see under user guides


Accessing the Exchange server via IMAP is only possible via an encrypted connection (SSL or TLS). Your e-mails are only provided on one server (Exchange or IMAP). IMAP4 server Outgoing mail server:

You cannot access the Exchange server via POP3.

Using Exchange

The size of Exchange mailboxes is limited to 5 GB per user. You will receive several warning messages, before you reach this limit. If necessary, it is possible to enlarge the mailbox to up to 15 GB. Please contact

Messages in the junk e-mail folder will be automatically deleted after 99 days.

You can only send e-mails with the sender address To use a different sender address, you have to set up a local SMTP account in your locally installed e-mail software or have full access to the Exchange account from which you would like to send e-mails.

To automatically forward your e-mails or set up an out-of-office message, please use the functionalities provided by the locally installed software, the App or OWA.

Data backup

All data on the Exchange server are backed up daily and stored for six months.