Spam filter

A central spam filter and virus scanner automatically checks messages sent to e-mail addresses of the University of Vienna. Students and employees can customise the settings of the central spam filter.

You can find more information on potential dangers in e-mails and how to handle them in IT security tips for users in the section e-mail.

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Form Editing spam filter

Customising the spam filter

E-mails are technically scanned and are assigned a numerical value, the spam level. This spam level is the sum of several single values. It is usually a figure between 0 and 40 (0 = no spam, 40 = definitly spam) and is hidden in the message header. Depending on the spam level, e-mails are moved to a folder or not delivered at all.

By default, the spam filter features the following values:

  • The name of the spam folder in your e-mail programme: Junk
  • Moving e-mails to the folder as of spam level 8
  • Not delivering e-mails as of spam level 15

Adjust the values in small steps and carefully analyse the result. 

  • lower spam level: More e-mails are filtered. This increases the likelihood that wanted e-mails are filtered out by accident.
  • A higher spam level: Fewer e-mails are filtered and you will receive more unwanted e-mails.

You can adjust these values yourself. Use the form Spamfilter anpassen (Editing spam filter).


  • The central spam filter does not work for messages forwarded to external e-mail addresses. In this case, you have to set up a spam filter for the target address.
  • Don’t move, delete or rename the Junk folder of your mailbox. Spam e-mails will be otherwise delivered to your inbox.

Create allowlist entries

Create allowlist entries to make sure that messages are definitely delivered regardless of their spam level.

  1. Click Einstellen (adjust) next to Erweiterte Einstellungen (allowlist) (expert settings, allowlist) in the form Spamfilter anpassen (customising spam filter).
  2. Select the desired category under Feld (field): Von (From) for a sender address, Betreff (Subject) or An (To) for a mail-to address.
  3. Enter the specific e-mail address or subject under Wert (value).
  4. Click Hinzufügen (add) to create the entry.

Blocklisting (blocking certain addresses or terms) is not possible.

Exchange spam filter


Exchange users can use the form Spamfilter anpassen (customising spam filter) to activate or deactivate the additional Exchange spam filter. The entered spam levels also apply to the Exchange spam filter.

This spam filter automatically moves spam messages to the junk e-mail folder. E-mails in this folder are deleted after 99 days. You cannot extend this deadline.

Allowlist entries in the Exchange spam filter are not possible. Use the functions of the software you use to access Exchange to create blocklist or allowlist entries. This is either a locally installed software (such as Outlook) or the Outlook Web App (OWA).