Mailing list

Mailing lists enable organisational units and subunits of the University of Vienna to send e-mails to groups of registered subscribers. The recipients can contact each other via the mailing list.  

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Form Mailingliste beantragen (Requesting a mailing list, in German)

Requesting a mailing list

Use the form Mailingliste beantragen (Requesting a mailing list, in German).

As soon as the mailing list has been set up, the administrator receives an e-mail with a link to manage the list and detailed information about configuration.


The ZID reserves the right to reject mailing list requests.

Using mailing lists

Users can subscribe to the list and manage their subscription under the following address:


Administrators can edit the list under the following address:


Default settings of mailing lists

  • Every user can subscribe to mailing lists and receive the e-mails sent via the relevant list.
  • All subscribers can send e-mails to the list without moderation.
  • All subscribers can view the list archive and view all messages previously sent.
  • You can view the mailing list at

Administrators are responsible for configuration changes of individual mailing lists.

Mailing lists can be open or moderated. Messages to a moderated mailing list are only sent to the subscribers after the moderator has approved them.

Deleting a mailing list

To delete a mailing list, the administrator of the mailing list has to send a request to the Servicedesk. This request must contain the u:account UserID and the name of the list.

Moderators are not entitled to delete the list.


The ZID reserves the right to delete mailing lists that haven't been used for 6 months or which administrators aren't available for 6 months.

Terms of Use

The Mailing list Terms of Use apply.