Mass mailer

The mass mailer enables organisational units and subunits of the University of Vienna to send e-mails to a predefined group of recipients (students, employees) – for example, newsletters or other information mails. The recipients cannot contact each other via the mass mailer. They are selected based on certain individual characteristics (such as degree programme, affiliation with a particular department) before the e-mail is sent.

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Sending mass mail via Massmailer der Universität Wien (University of Vienna mass mail distribution, in German)

Form Massmailer-Bereich verwalten (Managing mass mailer, in German)

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Requesting a mass mailer

Use the form Massmailer-Bereich verwalten (Managing mass mailer, in German)

Every organisational unit authorised to send will receive a mass mailer space configured to their requirements. For the list of recipients (Channel) the ZID uses characteristics saved in the staff directory of the University of Vienna.

  • Fill in the form as follows.
  • Be as precise as possible when specifying the desired group of recipients (for example, degree programme codes, department numbers, etc.).
  • Setting up the mass mailer takes some time. Schedule a preparation period of at least a week (especially at the beginning of the semester). In case of uncertainties or complex database requests, it can take even longer to set up the mass mailer.

You will be notified as soon as the mass mailer has been set up or if any details are still missing.

Sending messages

Log in to Massmailer der Universität Wien (University of Vienna mass mail distribution).

To log in, you require an active employee u:account. You have to be authorised to send messages.

  • Pictures and attachments must be integrated via a link and must not be embedded.
  • The maximum width of pictures is 600 px. This is the width of the mailing. Larger pictures only increase the data volume.
  • Maximum mailing size: 500 KB for up to 1,000 recipients, 80 KB for more than 1,000 recipients.

If you need help, see the user guides for sending mailing (in German).

Managing a mass mailer space

To change settings of your mass mailer space, request new lists of recipients (channel) or delete an available channel, use the service desk form Managing a mass mailer space (Massmailer-Bereich verwalten).

Alternative services

If you would like to repeatedly send messages to the same or only a few recipients, you can also use the following services:

Terms of Use

The Mass mailer Terms of Use (in German) apply.

Accessibility Statement

For information on the accessibility of the mass mailer service, see Mass mailer Accessibility Statement (in German).