Mass mailer


The mass mailer enables organisational units and subunits of the University of Vienna to send e-mails to a predefined group of recipients (students, employees) – for example, newsletters or other information mails. The recipients cannot contact each other via the mass mailer. They are selected based on certain individual characteristics (such as degree programme, affiliation with a particular department) before the e-mail is sent.

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Sending mass mail via Uni Wien Massenmailverteilung

Receiving mass mail via Massenmailsendungen an der Uni Wien

Form Requesting mass mail (coming soon)


The subsequent service will be available soon.

Sending messages via the mass mailer

Log in to Uni Wien Massenmailverteilung (University of Vienna mass mail distribution).

To log in, you require an active employee or student u:account. You have to be authorised to send messages via the mass mailer. After logging in, please select the mass mailer you would like to send an e-mail to. 

Sending attachments is not possible.

To prevent fraudulent use, you can only send messages after authenticating via your u:account. In addition, the system administrator(s) will receive an e-mail for every message sent via the mass mailer. Every message sent via the mass mailer contains a footer, identifying the sender:


Aussendungen der Universität Wien

Kategorie Nr. Nummer

Diese E-Mail wurde verschickt von Name.




Do not send spam messages (advertisement, phishing).

Alternative services

If you would like to repeatedly send messages to the same or only a few recipients, you can also use the following services:

Unsubscribing from mass mailers

Log in to Massenmailsendungen an der Uni Wien (Mass mailing at the University of Vienna).

To log in, you require an active student or employee u:account. After logging in, you can unsubscribe from some categories you wish to opt out. 

Deleting a mass mailer

To delete a mass mailer, the responsible person has to send an e-mail to the ZID Helpdesk with the following details:

  • Your u:account userID
  • Name of the list
  • Description of the list
  • GID (group ID): You can find the GID at the end of a web address in the browser bar as soon as you have opened the mass mailer.

Senders are not entitled to delete a mass mailer.