Setting up a calendar in Thunderbird

This user guide helps you to set up your u:cloud calendar in Thunderbird or to synchronise it with Thunderbird.


If you want to synchronise your u:cloud calendar with Thunderbird, you only need the add-on Lightning. With this you can use the same calendar locally as well as via u:cloud.

  1. In u:cloud open the calendar in the settings in the top right corner.
  2. On the left side next to your calendars you can find the appropriate icons (Default calendar is the standard setting).
  3. Select the icon Link and copy the appearing link.

Screenshot u:cloud CalDAV-Link kopieren

  1. In Thunderbird open the calendar tab.
  2. Create a new calendar with File New Calendar…
  3. Select In Network as the space and confirm with Next.
  4. Change the format to CalDAV and paste the previously copied CalDAV link in Adress. Optionally, you can select an offline support.
  5. Confirm with Next.
  6. Select a name and a colour. 
  7. Finish the setup with the buttons Next and Finish.