Managing u:card credits

This user guide explains how to manage the credits on your u:card online.


  • A validated u:card. It may take up to 5 hours after validation before you can use the u:card for topping up credit and for printing.
  • A valid u:account userID and password.
  • A credit card or access to online banking (only possible with Austrian bank)

If you have any questions about the u:card, go to the u:card service page.


  1. In your browser, open the page
  2. Log in using your u:account userID and u:account password.

Topping up credit

In Guthaben (credit) you can see all information about your credit. Transactions can also be done here.
Please note: The maximum credit on your u:card is 25.00 euros.

For topping up credit, click Jetzt Aufladen (Top up now).

Enter the desired amount and click Aufladen (top up).

Topping up credit can be done with Visa, Mastercard, Giropay or eps transfer. Select the desired payment method.

Show receipt

If you need a receipt of your transaction, click Transaktionen (transactions) on the left side of the menu.