Mobile access

This user guide explains how to use the Linchpin Mobile app to access u:wiki, the wiki of the University of Vienna, with your mobile phone.

Download the Linchpin Mobile app by Seibert Media GmbH to your mobile phone (available free of charge on Google Play and in the App Store).

Switch to your laptop or desktop PC. Go to u:wiki (in German) and log in.

Click your profile picture on the top right and then Mobiler Zugang (mobile access).

Screenshot mobiler Zugang

The next step is to connect your mobile phone to u:wiki. To do this, click QR-Code erstellen (create QR code) in the following window.

Screenshot QR-Code erstellen

The system generates your personal QR code.

Screenshot QR-Code

Switch back to your mobile phone. Start Linchpin Mobile and tap Login mit QR-Code (login using QR code).

Screenshot Login mit QR-Code

  1. Scan the QR code on the screen of your computer using your mobile phone.
  2. Linchpin Mobile connects to u:wiki.
  3. You can accept the suggested name for the connection or choose a new one.
  4. Then, tap Fertig (complete).

Screenshot Verbindungsname

Your mobile phone is now connected to u:wiki. The following contents are available in the mobile view:

  • Microblogs
  • Seiten (pages) and Bereiche (spaces)
  • Eigene Dokumente (my documents), Einstellungen (settings), Hilfe (help) and Kontakt (contact)

Screenshot mobile Ansicht