This instruction will help you to establish a VPN connection under macOS.


  • Established and operational internet access
  • Valid u:account UserID and password

Installing software

Open the VPN page of the University of Vienna in your browser and log in with your u:account access data.

Click on BIG-IP Edge Client Mac to download the software.

Please close the VPN session by clicking Logout.

There should now be a folder in your download directory called BIGIPMacEdgeClient. If not, unzip the .zip file with the same name.
Open the mac_edgesvpn.pkg file in the folder.

Click on Fortfahren (continue).

Click again on Fortfahren (continue).

Select Install.

You will be asked to enter the local password of your computer.
Then click Install software.

Click Close to complete the installation.

Establishing VPN connection

Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of right corner, search for the BIG-IP Edge Client and run the software.

Screenshot VPN mac BIG-IP Edge Client Suchen und ausführen

Click Continue.

Enter the following data:

  • Benutzername (username): your u:account userID
  • Passwort (password): your u:account password

Then click on Anmeldung (login).

Screenshot VPN mac Benutzername und Passwort eingeben

If you are asked whether you want to use the VPN connection for all network traffic or only for the traffic to servers of the University of Vienna, select Traffic to servers of the University of Vienna if in doubt.

  • You can check your connection status in the status bar at the top of the right side.
  • The VPN symbol should appear dark when the VPN connection is active and light (with outlines only) when disconnected.
  • With a click on the F5 logo you can end the VPN connection by clicking on VPN Aus schalten (turn VPN off).

Screenshot VPN mac F5Access Statusleiste

Setting up the F5 Access App

If you have problems connecting to the BIG-IP Edge Client you can also use VPN using the F5Access App from the Apple Store.

Open the Apple Store. Then enter F5Access in the search field and click on GET at the corresponding app.

Screenshot VPN Apple Store F5Access suchen

Click Install to install the app.

Screeenshot VPN F5Access installieren

After successful installation, click the magnifying glass symbol in the top right corner of the status bar, search for F5Access and run the software.

Screenshot VPN MacOS F5Access search and run

Click Agree to accept the terms and conditions.

Screenshot VPN F5Access Nutzungsbedingungen

In the top right corner of the status bar click the F5 Access menu and select Manage VPN Configurations.

Screenshot F5Access Menü Manage VPN Configurations

Click the + symbol to establish a VPN connection.

Screenshot VPN F5Access Konfiguration

In VPN Name type in any description, e.g. UniVPN and in Server type in Activate the option Web Logon and click Apply.

Screenshot VPN F5 Access konfigurieren

In the F5 Access menu click Connect to "UniVPN" to establish a VPN connection.

Screenshot F5Access Menü Verbindung herstellen

Type in your u:account access details and click Logon. You should now be connected to VPN.

Screenshot VPN F5Access Login

In the F5 Access menu you can see the current connection status. You can also disconnect from the VPN  clicking Disconnect from "UniVPN".

Screenshot VPN F5Access Menü