The University of Vienna's data network

The data network is the basis for all data processing activities at the University of Vienna: Sending e-mails, displaying WWW sites, storing data online, transmitting telephone calls (using VoIP technology) and many more services can only be run because the ZID provides the University with a high-performance internet connection.


The ZID uses high-performance routers at two central hubs, the largest university locations and the computing centres. Together they form an MPLS backbone that is connected with a 10 Gbit, 40 Gbit or 100 Gbit Ethernet, as required. This optical fibre cable network comprises around 5,000 kilometres.

To connect the about 30,000 computers at the University of Vienna to the data network, the ZID uses twisted-pair Ethernet with at least 100 Mbit, mostly 1 Gbit. In addition, 20,000 wireless access points guarantee university-wide Wi-Fi coverage.

To ensure security in all networks of the organisational units and computing centres, as well as the Wi-Fi, the ZID has set up state-of-the-art firewalls.

To connect this large number of computers to the Internet with an appropriate bandwidth, the University of Vienna maintains a high-performance redundant connection to the Austrian Academic Computer Network ACOnet.