These user guides help you to install Wi-Fi via eduroam in macOS.


eduroam offers a secure internet connection via Wi-Fi: The authentication as well as the data transfer are encrypted and therefore secure from access by unauthorised persons.


  • u:account UserID in the form
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Device running with macOS equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Correctly set system date on the computer
  • Access point in reach

Setting up eduroam

Click the Wi-Fi symbol in the top right corner of the menu bar and select the eduroam network.

Screenshot macOS WiFi - select eduroam network

Type in the following details:

  • User name: Your u:account userID in the form
  • Password: Your Wi-Fi password

Click Join.

Your typed in u:account user details wil be saved.
If you want to delete them, see Remove eduroam details.

Screenshot macOS WiFi - eduroam credentials

You will be asked to check the certificate. Click Continue.

Screenshot macOS WiFi - accept server certificate

Type in your local userID and the password of your device and confirm with Update settings.

You should now be connected to eduroam.

Screenshot macOS WiFi - enter local password

Remove eduroam details

This is how you remove eduroam access details from your device:

In the menu bar click the Wi-Fi symbol and then Network preferences...

Screenshot eduroam macOS WiFi menu

Click Advanced...

Screenshot eduroam macOS Network preferences

In Preferred networks select eduroam. Click the remove button () to forget the network.

Screenshot eduroam macOS - preferred networks

The eduroam network should now be deleted from the list Preferred networks. Click OK.

Screenshot eduroam macOS - preferred networks

Click Disconnect.

Screenshot eduroam macOS - network preferences

If you click Apply, all saved eduroam access details should be deleted.

Screenshot eduroam macOS - network preferences

Remove eduroam profile

This user guide is only useful, if you've an eduroam profile (in most cases from other institutions) stored on your device.

Click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and select System Preferences....

eduroam macOS - Apple-Menü

Select Profiles.

Screenshot eduroam macOS - Systemeinstellungen - Profile

Select the eduroam-profile and then click on the minus button at the bottom.

Screenshot macOS Benutzerprofile - eduroam

Now you will be asked if you really want to remove the profile. Click Remove.

Screenshot macOS - eudroam-Profil entfernen bestätigen

You will be prompted to enter the adminstrator password of your device. Click OK.

Screenshot macOS - lokales Passwort eingeben