Optimising your user profile

If an error message is displayed while logging out of a centrally managed PC, informing you that your server-stored user profile was not fully synchronised, the available storage space may be full and your personal profile cannot be stored on the server. In this case, follow this user guide to optimise the size of your user profile.

  • Always save personal files to the Z network drive.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Make sure that the local IMAP cache is not activated by selecting: Extras – Account settings – Mailbox or Account name – Synchronisation & Storage – Message Synchronising – Keep messages for this account on this computer
  • Delete e-mails from the POP account of your e-mail client or save e-mails to another location (folder on Z drive).
  • Internet Explorer: Regularly delete cookies (‘Clearing browser cookies in Edge’ user guide).
  • Mozilla Firefox: Regularly delete cached web content and offline web content or limit it in the settings by selecting: Settings – Advanced – Network.
  • Additionally installed software or add-ons in Thunderbird or Firefox (Download Manager, etc.) save data directly to the user profile. Adjust the download destination of these applications so that the data are saved to the Z network drive.