Office for students (OFS)

Please note: The Office for Student Services (OFS) is only available to students of the University of Vienna with an active u:account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to log in using a u:account UserID for staff.

Students of the University of Vienna can obtain Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free now. This applies as long as the underlying offer from Microsoft is available in this form and as long as the University of Vienna has an MS Campus contract.

What does Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus contain?

Office 365 ProPlus is a full version of Microsoft Office and contains the applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote (not for Mac), Publisher (not for Mac) and Access (not for Mac). Version updates are included in the offer.

For data protection reasons, the University of Vienna does not support Microsoft cloud services and therefore ‘only’ the download of MS Office is available.

How often can I install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus?

With an Office 365 ProPlus licence you are entitled to install the software on up to five devices (Windows/Mac). It is possible to carry out the administration of the allocation of the software to the respective devices via your Microsoft account (see below).

How do I get my free Office 365 ProPlus?

All students of the University of Vienna with an active u:account are eligible. To obtain an Office 365 ProPlus licence, take the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in with your valid u:account.
  2. Click on the button “Für Office 365 ProPlus anmelden”.
  3. You will automatically receive a user name in the form of an e-mail address (e.g. and a password.
  4. Go to the Office 365 portal at
  5. Enter your user name and password.
  6. In the next step you are asked to set a new password which only you know. This password must be a combination of at least three of the following elements: upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols, between 8 and 16 characters.
  7. Now you can download your free Office 365 ProPlus in the Software area.
  8. The files will be streamed to your computer from the Internet and installed (this requires that you are the administrator of the computer).

How to register and activate Office 365 ProPlus

  1. To register your Office 365 ProPlus, select the option ‘Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription’.
  2. In the next step you are asked to enter an e-mail address which will be used for registration. Enter your user name here in the form of the e-mail address you have been given (e.g. 
  3. To activate Office 365 ProPlus on your computer, enter your user name where it says “Benutzer-ID”, and then your password.
  4. You can find your user name at, where you also have the opportunity to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

What happens to my personal details?

Matching of the u:account data with the Office 365 ProPlus account data takes place within a database belonging to the University. The University of Vienna does not pass on any data or details about students to Microsoft.

Can I delete my Office 365 ProPlus account?

If you no longer require Office 365 ProPlus before you complete your degree programme, you can delete your Office 365 ProPlus account. To this end, go to and click on the “Office 365 ProPlus Account löschen” button. You will receive a confirmation prompt - to confirm click the button “Ja, löschen Sie meinen Office 365 ProPlus Account”. This irrevocably deletes your Office 365 ProPlus account.

Forgotten your password – what next?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one at at any time. You can use this new password together with your user name to register in the Office 365 Portal at The first time you register there you will be asked to choose a new password which only you known.

What else do I need to know?

The system requirements are the same as those for Office 2013 – you can find detailed information about the manufacturer's website under system requirements.

Activation takes place automatically when Office 365 ProPlus is used for the first time. An Internet connection is required for activation. From then on, you have to connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days in order to check the status of the subscription. If the computer is offline for more than 30 days, Office will enter into a reduced-functionality mode until the next time an Internet connection can be made. In the reduced-functionality mode, Office 365 ProPlus is still installed on the computer, but you can only view and print documents. All functions with regard to creating new documents or editing existing ones will be deactivated.

Terms of use

This service may not be used for commercial purposes. If legal action is taken against the University of Vienna by a third party, particularly when this is due to infringements against the valid terms of use by a user, the user shall indemnify the University of Vienna. You can find detailed terms of use at Microsoft Online Services Use Rights.

What happens when I complete my degree programme?

As soon as you are no longer a student of the University of Vienna, your Microsoft account will be deleted and your Office will enter into the above-mentioned reduced-functionality mode.

Help & Support

Please address general questions to  

For technical assistance please use the support offered by the manufacturer.