This guide helps you to access the Online storage space and Share under macOS.


  • A valid u:account UserID with password
  • The device is connected to the network of the Univeristy of Vienna, either through the lokal Wi-fi or via VPN connection

Connecting network drive

Open the Finder, then select at the menu bar at the top of the screen Go and Connect to Server …

Screenschot macOS Finder - Connect to server

  • Students and employees enter the following server address:
    cifs://u;u:account userID 
    (for example: cifs://u;
  • Share users enter the following server address:
    (for example: cifs://share;

If you want to save this connection for the future, click on the plus symbol. This saves the server address under Favourite servers.
Now click on Connect.

Screenshot macOS - Connect to Server

Students and employees enter the following data:

  • Name: u\u:account userID 
  • Passwort: u:account password

Share users enter the following data:

  • Name: share\u:account userID
  • Passwort: u:account password

Then click Connect.

Screenshot macOS u:account user id and password

You are now being connected to the file server and the symbol for the network drive appears on your desktop. Open the network drive by double clicking it.