Open with locally installed software

This user guide helps you to connect to u:cloud with a locally installed software on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Installing the u:cloud client

  1. Download the u:cloud client suitable for your operating system.
  2. If you run it for the first time, enter your u:account UserID and your u:account password.
  3. Choose which folders should be synchronized with the u:cloud client.


  • All u:cloud clients are updated automatically. Follow the instructions of the client.
  • The u:cloud client starts automatically on Windows after booting the PC. To switch this setting off, open your Task Manager and remove the u:cloud client from Startup.

Sharing files and folders

With a right click on a file or folder you can generate a URL which can then be shared via e-mail or others.

Setting up the u:cloud client

  • In Settings you can control which activities the client has created.
  • You can also choose which folders should be synchronized and if the program should or shouldn’t start automatically at Startup.