Installation on Windows 11

This user guide explains how to install u:print on Windows 11.


  • If you would like to print from a centrally managed PC, you can use a pre-built software package. If necessary, contact the IT representative of your organisational unit.
  • On all PCs in the computer rooms, u:print is already installed.


Installing u:print

Enter credential manager in the search field next to the Windows icon at the bottom left on your desktop and press Enter.

Screenshot Windows 10 Search credentials

Click Add a Windows credential.

Screenshot Windows 10 credentials

Enter the following data:

  • Internet or network address:
  • Username: u\u:account-UserID
  • Password: u:account-Passwort

You have to take this step for every account with which you want to use u:print.

Screenshot Windows 10 add credentials

  1. Download the printer driver and and unzip (execute) the file.
  2. Enter printers & scanners in the search field next to the Windows icon at the bottom left on your desktop and open it.

Screenshot Windows 10 search printer scanner

Click Add a device.

Screenshot Windows 10 add printer and scanner

In the next window, you'll see the message The printer that I want isn't listed. Click Add manually.

Screenshot Windows 10 printer not listed

Select the option Select a shared printer by name and enter the following data in the field below:

  • Students: \\\FollowMe
  • Employees: \\\staff

Screenshot Windows 10 Add printer student

  1. A message that no printer driver could be found is displayed. Confirm this message by clicking OK.
  2. Select Disk.
  3. Then navigate to the folder in which you saved the printer driver before and select this driver (there should only be one driver listed).
  4. Click Next and then Finish.

The default setting after the installation is colour printing.


If you change your u:account password or would like to change the account from which you print, you have to completely remove the whole entry for in the Windows credentials. Then restart your device. Now you have to re-enter your data when using the printer. Make sure you spell it correctly with u\!

Gruppenrichtlinien anpassen

Bei Druckproblemen kann es helfen die Windows 11 Gruppenrichtlinien anzupassen.

Geben Sie Gruppenrichtline bearbeiten in das Suchfeld beim Windows-Symbol links unten am Desktop ein und führen Sie diese aus.

Screenshot Gruppenrichtlinie bearbeiten

Dort gehen Sie links unter Richtlinien für Lokaler ComputerComputerkonfigurationAdministrative Vorlagen und rechts dann auf Drucker.

Screenshot - Editor für lokale Gruppenrichtlinien

Wählen Sie dann Konfigurieren von RPC-Verbindungseinstellungen.

Screenshot - RPC-Verbindungseinstellungen

Wählen Sie Aktiviert aus und unter Optionen wählen Sie RPC über benannte Pipes unter Für ausgehende RPC-Verbindungen zu verwendendes Protokolleinstellen.

Screenshot - RPC-Verbindungseinstellungen - Konfiguration

Überprüfen Sie ggfs. Unter den Anmeldeinformationsverwaltung die Windows Anmeldeinformation, löschen diese und richten Sie neu ein.