u:sign Terms of Use

  • Last modified on: 21.11.2022
  • Approved by: Ulf Busch
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With the u:sign service, the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) provides employees of the University of Vienna with a functionality to sign documents electronically by means of the mobile phone signature/ID Austria.

Scope of application

The u:sign terms of use regulate the form in which the ZID provides the u:sign service as well as the framework conditions of use by the employees of the University of Vienna. These terms of use only apply to the u:sign service.

Service description

u:sign allows employees of the University of Vienna to sign PDF documents online with a qualified signature by means of the mobile phone signature/ID Austria. For example, users can sign contracts themselves or request other persons to do so on their behalf. This electronic signature has the same legal effect as a signature by the user’s own hand. The signature process can be completed on any web-enabled device from anywhere.

u:sign is based on the MOXIS product by XiTrust and is run on the infrastructure of the University of Vienna.

The u:sign service is offered at the website usign.univie.ac.at.


You can upload documents whose size does not exceed 30 MB per file.

Permitted use

You may use u:sign for private purposes (see Code of Conduct of the University of Vienna, item 6, para. 2). For any other purposes, the Code of Conduct of the University of Vienna and the Data Protection Guideline of the University of Vienna apply. The user is obliged to refrain from using the service for commercial purposes and to adhere to the applicable legal regulations.

The ZID reserves the right to revoke the permission if users are using the service for impermissible purposes.

If the user wishes to explicitly separate the professional and private use of the mobile phone signature, we recommend using the service Handy-Signatur or e-Tresor by A-Trust for private purposes.

Data protection

The ZID gives users and organisational units of the University of Vienna the freedom to select an appropriate service for data storage for every task. However, the ZID recommends using the u:sign service only for signing documents. This means that documents should be uploaded manually to u:sign. Subsequently, the signed document should be downloaded again and stored or filed via an appropriate data storage service checked for compliance with data protection law (u:cloud, share drive, etc.).

The individual user is responsible for acting diligently when sending documents from the u:sign service. If this cannot be guaranteed, the user should use another service for storing data. In general, the ZID recommends handling sensitive and personal data diligently and reducing their use to a minimum.

Upon completion of the signature process (successful, rejected, cancelled), a 40-day erasure period starts. After this period, the relevant document is automatically erased.

The current Data Protection Guideline of the University of Vienna and the data protection provisions of the service units and faculties apply.

Deleting users

One year after the last login, users are deleted in MOXIS. Therefore, the ZID recommends us-ing u:sign only for signing documents and storing or filing the signed documents locally (see item Data protection). Users are solely responsible for downloading the signed documents in due time.