What is microblogging?

If the microblogging macro is integrated into a u:wiki page, users can write comments and enter into a discussion directly in the text. The advantages compared to the conventional comment function:

  • Microblogs are integrated directly at the text passage that is to be discussed.
  • It is possible to have several comment threads on the same topic.
  • You can search comments in the microblog.
  • You can like comments.
  • Users can receive notifications if a new comment has been published.

Only for administrators: Activating a microblog and creating a topic

Only the administrator can activate microblogging for a wiki space. To do so, click Bereich konfigurieren (configure area) at the bottom left and select Microblog.

Screenshot Microblog aufrufen

In the dialog window, you can create a new microblog topic for the wiki space. Then, click Speichern (save).

Screenshot Thema erstellen

Below you find a list of all topics for which a microblog already exists in this wiki space. By clicking the + Thema erstellen (create topic) button you can also create a new topic.

Screenshot Themenübersicht

Creating and integrating a new microblog

In edit mode, go to the point on the page where you want to insert the microblog.

Click the + symbol (Weiteren Inhalt hinzufügen (insert additional content)) and select Andere Makros (other macros) at the very bottom.

Screenshot Macromenü

Search for Micro using the search box on the right and select Microblog-Timeline from the results.

Screenshot Macro wählen

In the next window, you can adjust the settings in the left column. On the right, you will see a preview of the settings. By clicking Vorschau (preview), you can update the display.

Under Standard-Timeline, you can select which posts will be loaded and displayed to users:

  • Global: all microblog entries from u:wiki, independent of space and topic
  • Bereich (space): all microblog entries from the current space, independent of topic
  • Thema (topic): all microblog entries from the selected topic

For the options Global and Bereich, you can also select whether a topic should be chosen as the Standard-Thema für neue Beitrage (default for new posts).

Screenshot Einträge Bereich

You can select the following additional settings for the new microblog:

  • Anzahl der angezeigten Microposts (number of displayed microposts)
  • Anzahl der angezeigten Antworten (number of displayed replies)

Screenshot Einstellungen

When you have adjusted all settings, click Übernehmen (apply). The microblog will then be added to the page.

In edit mode, only a placeholder will be displayed. Only after the page is updated and thus saved, the microblog will be displayed.

Creating a microblog entry

To create a microblog entry, click directly into the free text field (Schreiben Sie einen Beitrag... (write a post...)) and write your post.

Screenshot Beitrag schreiben

You can use simple formatting and insert images and links. You can also change the topic for the post (only applies to this post).

Click the Abschicken (submit) button to publish the post.

Screenshot Beitrag erstellen

Reacting to a microblog entry

You can like an entry (click Gefällt mir) and answer with a reply (click Antworten).

Screenshot auf Beitrag reagieren

Editing or deleting a microblog

IIn the edit mode of the wiki page, you can edit the microblog settings or delete an entire microblog after publishing it.

To do this, click the microblog placeholder. It is highlighted in blue. Then, select either the Bearbeiten (edit) button or Entfernen (delete) button.

Screenshot Microblog löschen

Viewing all microblog entries

You can view all entries by clicking the Microblog button in the navigation bar.

Screenshot alle Einträge