This user guide will help you to establish a VPN connection on your Android device.


  • Established and operational internet access
  • Valid u:account UserID and password
  • Set up multi-factor authentication and authentication app on smartphone or YubiKey

Installing and setting up software

Open the Google Play Store and search for the F5 Access App. Click on Install on the F5 Access app.

Screenshot Android F5 Acess App Google Play Store

Click on Open to open the app after it has been installed.

Screenshot open Android F5 app

If you are asked whether F5 Access may send you notifications, press Allow.


Screenshot Android F5 Access configure server

Enter the following data:

  • Configuration name: UniVPN
  • Server url:­

Then click on NEXT.

Screenshot Android F5Access configuration

Activate the option Web Logon. Confirm the settings with the checkmark on top of the right side.

screenshot Android F5Access activate web logon

Establishing VPN connection

Open the F5 Access App.

Screenshot open Android F5 Access app

Click on CONNECT.

Screenshot Android F5 Access connect

When asked if F5 Access should be allowed to make or manage phone calls press ALLOW.

Android F5 Access allow phone calls

Enter your u:account access data and the one-time password:

  • With an authentication app on your smartphone: Open the app. On the VPN website, enter the currently valid code in the field One-time password, which is displayed in the app in the ZID Universität Wien account. Then, before the code expires, press Logon.
  • With YubiKey: Position the cursor in the One-time password field. Plug the YubiKey into a USB port on your device and then press the button on the YubiKey. The one-time password is entered in the text field. The Logon button is activated automatically.


When asked if you want to allow the connection select OK.

Screenshot F5 Access Android allow connection

The VPN connection should now be established. The key symbol on the top of the left side of your display indicates the active VPN connection.

Screenshot Android F5 Access connected

Disconnecting VPN connection

To disconnect the VPN connection, click on DISCONNECT in the F5 Access App.