iPhone and iPad

This instruction will help you to establish a VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad.


  • Established and operational internet access
  • Valid u:account UserID and password

Installing and setting up software

Search for F5 Access for iOS in the App Store and install this app.

App Store: F5 Access

Open the app and select Agree.

F5 Access agree terms and conditions

Press Allow for enabling VPN notifications.

F5 Access allow notifications

To set up the VPN connection, press Add New.

F5 Access

Enter the following data:

  • Description: UniVPN (or any other name)
  • Server: https://vpn.univie.ac.at

Activate Web Logon.

Then select Save on the top right corner.

F5 Access configuration

Select Allow.

F5 Access allow configuration

Now continue with the second step of the following instructions to establish the VPN connection.

Establishing VPN connection

Open the F5 Access App.

F5 Access Icon

Tap on Connection in the middle line to activate it.

F5 Access - activate Connection

Enter your u:account access data and then select Logon.

VPN - Logon

The VPN connection should now be established. In this case you can see a VPN symbol either on the top left or right side of your display.

F5 Access - active connection

Disconnecting VPN connection

To disconnect, tap on Connection in the middle line of the F5 Access app.