This instruction will help you to establish a VPN connection under Windows.


If you have problems connecting to the BIG-IP Edge Client with your Windows 10 device you can also use the F5 Access App from the Microsoft Store.


  • Established and operational internet access
  • Valid u:account UserID and password

Installing software

Open the VPN page of the University of Vienna in your browser and log in with your u:account access data.

Screenshot VPN website - Login

Click on BIG-IP Edge Client Windows to download the software. 

Screenshot VPN-Website Big-IP Edge Client download

Please close the VPN session by clicking on Logout.

Screenshot VPN-Website Logout

Now run the downloaded file BIGIPEdgeClient.exe. If you see the message Windows protected your PC, click on More info first and then on Run anyway.

Screenshot Windows Defender - More Info

Screenshot Windows Defender - Run anyway

Click Next.

Screenshot Windows Big-IP Edge Client installation

Now click on Install.
If windows asks if you want to allow the software to be installed, confirm this.

Screenshot Windows Big-IP Edge Client installation

Click on Finish to complete the installation.

Screenshot Windows Big-IP Edge Client installation completed

Establishing VPN connection

Search for the programme BIG-IP Edge Client (by entering BIG-IP Edge Client in the search field next to the Windows symbol at the bottom on the left side of the desktop) and execute it.

Screenshot Windows search BIG-IP Edge Client

Enter your u:account access data in the login window and click on Logon.

Screenshot VPN Login

This window appears while the connection is being established and closes automatically when the connection is successful.

Screenshot Windows Big-IP Edge Client

  • You can check your connection status at the bottom on the right side of your Windows status bar.
  • The F5 logo should appear red when the VPN connection is active and gray when disconnected.
  • With a right-click on the F5 logo you can end the VPN connection by clicking on Trennen (Disconnect).
  • If your internet connection (and therefore also the VPN connection) is interrupted repeatedly, use the option Auto-Verbindung (Auto connection). The software then automatically connects to the VPN server again after an interruption.

Screenshot Windows Statusleiste - VPN options

Windows 10: Setting up the F5 Access App

If you have problems connecting to the BIG-IP Edge Client under Windows 10 you can also use VPN using the F5 Access App from the Microsoft Store.

Open the Microsoft Store. Then enter F5 Access in the search field and click on the corresponding app.

Screenshot Windows Store - F5 Access

Click Install to install the app.

Screenshot Windows Store - install F5 Access

After successful installation, open the app by clicking on Launch.

Screenshot Windows Store - open F5 Access

Click on Manage VPN Connections.

Screenshot Windows F5 Access

Select Add a VPN connection.

Screenshot Windows VPN options

  • VPN provider: F5 Access
  • Connection name: univpn (or any other name)
  • Server name or address:

Then click on Save.

Screenshot Windows - Add VPN connection

Click on univpn or on the name that you previously entered for the VPN connection.

Screenshot Windows - select VPN connection

Then click on Connect.

Screenshot Windows - connect to VPN

Now enter the following data:

  • your u:account userID
  • your u:account password

Then click on OK.

Screenshot Windows- enter u:account credentials

The VPN connection should now be established.

Screenshot Windows VPN connected


If you get the error message that the user name and password are incorrect, this may be due to the fact that a VPN connection is already active – for example in the browser.

  1. In this case, open the VPN page of the University of Vienna with your browser.
  2. Then click on Abmelden (sign out) at the top of the right corner.
  3. You can now try again to connect via the VPN connection you set up previously.

If you get a RAS error message, follow the instructions on the manufacturer's website.