Microsoft Azure Terms of Use

  • Last modified: 11.11.2022
  • Approved by: Ulf Busch
  • Responsible for content: Christian Kracher
  • Editing and design: IT Communications & Marketing


The University of Vienna provides members of the University of Vienna (hereafter users) with Microsoft Azure (hereafter Azure) by the Microsoft Corporation. These Terms of Use specify the extent to which they can use Azure. The University of Vienna provides Azure licenses subject to the conditions specified below:

  1. The users explicitly commit to compliance with the University of Vienna’s Terms of Use as well as with any licensing conditions specified by Microsoft.
  2. According to the licensing conditions, Azure may be used only for business activities of the University of Vienna. The use for any other purposes, especially for private or commercial purposes or for other institutions, is not allowed. Any exceptions to this rule require approval from the CIO.
  3. The users must use the presets configured by the University of Vienna in Azure.
  4. Data may only be stored in the EU area.
  5. Any changes to the presets are possible only in accordance with the principles of data protection, such as legality, privacy by default, data minimisation, minimisation of the use of data and purposeful use of data. Settings that might run contrary to these principles are prevented by the system.
  6. The University of Vienna assumes no liability for the contents and data provided in the course of using Azure.
  7. The University of Vienna does not assume warranty for any deficiencies of Azure.
  8. The University of Vienna makes no guarantee for the availability, obtainability, functionality and usability of Azure for the purposes intended by the users.
  9. The use of Azure is limited to the term of the licence acquired by the University of Vienna.
  10. Users are not entitled to use Azure in any form that is prohibited by law, regulations or official orders, or by provisions in a relevant legal framework. Furthermore, the use of Azure must not violate the rights of others.
  11. Users are obliged to comply with all technical restrictions of the subject of the contract which only al-low the users to use the tool in a specific way and also not to circumvent these restrictions.
  12. It is not permitted to incite others to violate these Terms of Use.
  13. The competent courts of Vienna shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising from these Terms of Use or due to use of the Azure license.