E-learning – Moodle

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is the University of Vienna’s e-learning platform. It is available to members of the University for studies and teaching. On Moodle, teachers can set up virtual courses to upload course material, communicate with students, give tests or provide u:stream recordings.

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Place request for Moodle for teachers (login)

Place request for Moodle for students (login)

Access to Moodle

You require an active student or employee u:account, or an active extended u:account for external persons to log in at Moodle.


Not all courses are available on Moodle. All courses that offer an e-learning course show a link to Moodle on u:find.

Using Moodle

We continually develop Moodle. To find out about the changes installed during the last upgrade, please see the following u:wiki pages (login):

For further information please read the user guides and visit the Moodle Newsroom (only for teachers and staff).


After logging in, you can see a list of all Moodle courses for which you are registered and which are set to visible on the home page (dashboard).

Moodle course for a course is not available

  • The Moodle link on u:find takes you to the relevant course. If you are not yet enabled for the course, you can find more information via the link. For further information, please see under Registering for the Moodle course (PDF).
  • You have registered for a course that offers a Moodle course and have the status angemeldet (registered) on u:space. A teacher or tutor has to activate the Moodle course to make it available to students. The lecturer decides when s/he activates the course.
  • If you have registered for a course via u:space, have the status angemeldet (registered) for more than a day and your colleagues already have access to the Moodle course, but you do not, there might be a technical error. Please contact the ZID Helpdesk, indicating your student ID number and the course number.


After logging in, you can create an e-learning course for your course on u:space. For an extensive user guide including screenshots, please see under Creating a Moodle course (PDF).

Training for Moodle


You can find the current training courses by the Human Resources Development unit under Moodle in the section EDV-Kurse (IT courses).

Moodle-Schulungszentrum (Moodle training centre): Create a test course and explore the functionalities of Moodle.