Cloud services – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a platform providing various cloud services in the categories infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service as well as platform-as-a-service, such as virtual servers or services with artificial intelligence. Employees of the University of Vienna may use these services provided by the ZID for the purposes of research and teaching, subject to a fee at special conditions.

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Microsoft Azure platform

Form Anfrage zu Microsoft Azure (enquiry about Azure, in German)

Form Microsoft Azure bestellen (ordering Azure, in German)

Scope of service

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform, including various cloud services. These can be easily expanded or reduced to meet individual needs and they always use the latest hardware and software, without users having to cover investment costs in advance. These services and resources are available everywhere and it is possible to easily grant access permissions for these resources to others.


To ensure compliance with the GDPR, only Azure data centres located in the European Union were enabled and the Data Protection Officer of the University of Vienna has carried out a comprehensive assessment.

Employees of the University of Vienna may use all services of the Microsoft Azure platform for the purposes of research and teaching. To the complete list of services

Examples of Azure services include:

  • Infrastructure services: virtual computers, storage space, use of databases
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning: speech-to-text and vice versa (Azure Cognitive Services), development and provision of models for data science
  • Container services: Development (Azure Kubernetes Service) and running (Azure Functions) of software.

University employees who obtain Azure via the University of Vienna and not privately have the following advantages:

  • Using Azure in compliance with the GDPR
  • At least 15 per cent discount on all Azure services
  • Payment via the cost centre
  • Authentication via the u:account
  • Included Microsoft support

Planning costs

The use of Microsoft Azure is subject to a fee. Employees of the University of Vienna get at least a 15 per cent discount on the regular Azure prizes.

Microsoft charges for Azure resources based on usage (pay-as-you-go). Therefore, it is not possible to define or influence the costs in advance. Rather, the costs vary depending on the service and on the scope of use. Using the Azure pricing calculator, you can configure the required resources in detail in advance and obtain a relatively exact cost estimate. The prices specified by the pricing calculator are net prices; you have to add 20 per cent Austrian value added tax.

The ZID covers the costs in advance. These are charged to the relevant cost centre via internal cost allocation on a quarterly basis. You have to specify the cost centre when registering for Azure.


Always monitor the current costs when using Azure. If necessary, see the user guide Monitoring costs.

Using Azure

A prerequisite for using Azure is an existing Microsoft 365 account of the University of Vienna. 

  1. Use the form Microsoft Azure bestellen (ordering Azure, in German).
  2. Subsequently, you will receive all the necessary information for accessing the Microsoft Azure platform.
  3. Please obtain information in advance about data protection and data security regarding the use of Azure and adhere to the relevant measures and recommendations specified.
  4. If necessary, see the user guides Signing in to Microsoft Azure and Creating resources.


Microsoft is responsible for the functionality of the Azure services. In case of problems or technical questions, please use the Microsoft support. The Standard support package is included in the service. If necessary, see the user guide Receiving Microsoft support.

If you have any questions about the Azure service of the ZID, the Azure account, the management of permissions and cost accounting, please use the form Anfrage zu Microsoft Azure (enquiry about Azure, in German).

Terms of Use

If you use Azure, you have to comply with the

In case of intentional violations, access to the service may be withdrawn with immediate effect.

The Data Protection Declaration of the University of Vienna – cloud services and other IT applications (in German) applies.