Creating PDF/A

This user guide helps you to convert text documents with Word and LibreOffice or OpenOffice to PDF documents with PDF/A standards.


  • Microsoft Office or
  • LibreOffice/OpenOffice


If you use Microsoft Office with macOS, use Office in the Computer Rooms to convert your document to PDF/A.

Microsoft Office – Word (Windows)

On the top left click File.

Screenshot Microsoft Office Word - file

Click Save as and then the drop down menu.

Screenshot Word - Save as

Select PDF as your file type. Click Options...

Screenshot Word - file type PDF

In the Options dialog box, make sure the PDF/A compliant check box is selected and click OK.

Screenshot Word - Options...

You can now change the location you want to save it to and the file name of the PDF document.
Click Save to create the PDF/A document.

Screenshot Word - location and file name

LibreOffice / OpenOffice

Go to File – Export as PDF….

Screenshot Libre Open Office - file - Export as PDF...

In the dialog box under General, select the PDF/A ISO 19005 check box and click Export.

Screenshot Libre/Open Office - general options

Select a location and file name for the PDF document and click Save.

Screenshot Libre/Open Office location and file name