Moodle 4.2 – What is new?

This video in German helps teachers get to know the new features of Moodle 4.2.


Duration: 2:11 minutes


Moodle 4.2 is in the starting blocks – and a lot has changed!

The new start page takes you directly to the most important areas in Moodle. The dashboard and the course overview have been separated.

  • On the new My Courses page you will find all the courses you are enrolled in. This additional page gives a better overview and makes it easier to find available courses. Even the long-awaited search for courses is now possible.
  • In the dashboard you can now see all the deadlines and dates of your courses at a glance thanks to an improved timeline. You can specify the time window and how the dates should be sorted (by date or by course).


A new course index on the left-hand side provides orientation and quick navigation within the courses.

The circle symbol shows students which activities they have already completed and which they have not yet done.

Teachers simply switch the editing mode on and off in the top navigation bar on the right. The setting is now retained when switching between courses.

Navigate easily through the course and its activities using tab menus.

You can now notify your students when content has been added or updated in the course.

Drag and drop content in the course index or on the course page.

Topics and activities

Topic sections are collapsible and expandable. Furthermore, you can add a new topic directly after each one without having to scroll down. The same applies to activities.

Activities are now colour-coded for quicker orientation: 

  • Blue: Learning material
  • Green: Communication
  • Orange: Collaboration
  • Red: Student activities

Try it out

But these were by no means all of the improvements. At you can already take a look at the new version yourself. In your personal test course you can then try out the new functions just as you like.

If you still see potential for improvement or simply like something very much, we would be happy to hear your opinion!