Access with browser

This instruction will help you to access u:cloud with your browser.


  1. Open with your browser.
  2. Enter your u:account userID and your u:account password.
  3. After you have logged in successfully you will see the u:cloud homepage.

Screenshot u:cloud homepage


Top dark blue bar

  • The menu can be openend with the menu symbol (3 horizontal lines) on the left.
  • On the right side of the menu bar you can find the search function. The search box opens with a click on the magnifiying glass symbol.
  • With a click on the u:account userID, you can access your user settings for u:cloud via Settings or log out via Log out.

Screenshot u:cloud header

Main window

  • Here you can see your files, the file size, the alteration date and if the file has been shared.
  • Above that you can find the file directory, starting with the home directory. This is marked by a house symbol.

Screenshot u:cloud main window

Left panel

  • You can choose various filters to change the view of your files. For example: Shared with you, Shared with others, Shared by link.
    By default, All files is chosen.
  • At the bottom you can access your Deleted files. Deleted files can be accessed for 180 days after their deletion.

Screenshot u:cloud left panel

Managing files and folders

When you log in for the first time, the home page is empty. You can create and upload files and folders now.

Creating files and folders

  1. Click on the plus symbol on the right, next to the house symbol.
  2. You can upload files and folders (maximum file size 1 GB) or create a folder or text file.

Screenshot u:cloud house symbol

Upload files

Drag the file or folder (maximum file size 1 GB) you want to upload into the browser window and drop it. You can also click on the plus symbol and then on Hochladen (upload).

Download and share files, restore versions

Via the respective file row in the main window you can find more options:

  • By clickling on the file you can download the file and save it locally to your device.
  • Via the share symbol or Shared you can share a file or folder with other users and give them reading or editing permissions.
  • With a click in the column Modified a bar opens on the right. In the tab Versions you can restore older versions of the file there – up to 5 versions can be saved.

Files can be moved and renamed like on your local PC.


If you want to move your file, you can do so by moving the file to a different layer.

Restore deleted files

If deleted files are still in the recycle bin, you can restore them from there. To do so, click on Deleted files at the bottom left and then on the desired file on the right on Restore.

Folders and files are kept in the recycle bin for at least 30 days and a maximum of 180 days before being permanently deleted.


The recycle bin may use up to half of the free storage space. If this limit is exceeded, the oldest data or data older than 30 days will be deleted from the recycle bin until the storage space of the recycle bin occupies a maximum of half of the free storage space again.


You can switch between various apps in the menu. The app Files is activated by default.


  • Main window: All files and folders

  • Left panel: Add various filters to change the view of how to show your files. All files is activated by default.


Activity shows all changes in your u:cloud and the changes in shared folders.



Gallery shows all pictures in your u:cloud and all pictures shared with you.




  • Main window: You can find the list of your saved online contacts.
  • Left panel: You can find menu points with options to add new contacts, add filters and switch to your menu settings. 


  • Main window: Add new appointments and share them with others
  • Left panel: Set up and share new calendars orchange the view. Further down, you can find settings to import calendars and look up the CalDAV link for the use in Thunderbird or other programs.


  • Main window: Here you can find all your saved bookmarks.
  • Left panel: Options to add or search for bookmarks, as well as the menu settings can be found here. Select it by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom.